March 31, 2015

Two more are on the way, including a more stunning Championship Ring that the players designed.

Ohio State National Championship ring

The Ohio State Buckeyes football players and staff received their first National Championship rings this week.

This championship ring was from the College Football Playoff. This is just the first of three rings that Ohio State players and staff will be awarded. The other two haven’t arrived yet.

The second Championship ring the Buckeyes get is a Big Ten championship ring for their conference title victory over Wisconsin.

And the third ring is the other national title rings. Those are the ones designed by the Ohio State players. While the National Championship ring shown above is nice, and compared to other recent National Championship rings, a little understated, wait and see what a bunch of 20-something-year-old guys designed to celebrate their national title.

The ring shown above does not appear to feature any drastic departures from past designs, the biggest difference is the new CFP trophy, the top of which is displayed prominently on the ring’s top. NCAA rules mandate that these rings do not contain solid gold or real diamonds.

In my opinion, the side of the championship ring showing the player’s name, is very plain and more thought should have been put into the design of this shank (side of the ring).

Congratulations for the Ohio State Buckeyes on their National Championship and to their three beautiful championship rings!

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