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Can a woman with epilepsy get pregnant

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Call Us: Call Your Pregnancy Matters. At one time, women with epilepsy were advised never to get pregnant. Epilepsy should not prevent you from having children.

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Epilepsy and planning a pregnancy

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Most women with epilepsy have a healthy pregnancy. There are things that can be done now to help you and your baby can stay as healthy as possible. It is important not to stop taking medication before talking to a doctor or specialist about it. They will look at the safest options for you and baby. If you are taking anti-epileptic medications ask your GP to refer you for preconception counselling. This will be an appointment with a doctor or nurse who knows about pregnancy and epilepsy.

They can talk to you about how epilepsy affects you and the risks and benefits of all treatment options before you become pregnant. These include:. No, you should carry on using contraception and taking your medication until you discuss your plans with an epilepsy and pregnancy specialist.

If you think you are pregnant contact your doctor for advice immediately. This could cause a more severe seizure, which could result in harm, or even death to you or your baby. This is nationwide project investigating which epilepsy treatments pose the lowest risk to a baby's health. Any pregnant women with epilepsy can join. This will help doctors give the best advice to you and other women who are thinking of getting pregnant.

This means it may take longer for you to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned. Reduced fertility can sometimes be treated with hormone-based medications. Many men with epilepsy father healthy children.

But epilepsy can sometimes cause problems for men trying to conceive with their partner. Epilepsy and some medications used to manage the condition can reduce testosterone levels. This can cause:. This can make it more difficult to father a baby. For men, some epilepsy medications can:. But if you or your partner have any concerns about epilepsy and male sexual problems, including fertility, speak to your doctor. They may refer your partner to an epilepsy specialist. Some women with epilepsy have irregular periods.

This can make it difficult to know when the best time is to try and get pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you have irregular periods. They may refer you to an epilepsy specialist if they think your epilepsy medicine is causing the problem. Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS causes cysts on the ovaries and unusual hormone levels. This can stop a woman from ovulating, which makes it difficult to get pregnant.

Many women with PCOS are able to get pregnant with treatment. You may be worried about epilepsy and getting pregnant. This can cause more seizures or they may become more severe. Some anti-epileptic drugs carry risks in pregnancy. This can depend on the type, number and the dose you are taking.

This may be more harmful to your unborn baby than if you carry on taking them, because it may cause uncontrolled seizures in pregnancy. Valproate medicines include sodium valproate Epilim, Depakote and valproic acid Convulex. Doctors in the UK have been advised not to prescribe valproate to girls, women who could get pregnant, or women who are pregnant unless other epilepsy medicines do not suit them.

This should be done before you conceive. Every woman is recommended to take folic acid two to three months before conceiving and until they are at least 12 weeks pregnant. If you take phenytoin, phenobarbital or primidone, folic acid could affect how well those medicines work. This could cause you to have a seizure, so speak to your doctor before starting folic acid.

Epilepsy Action works to raise awareness of epilepsy, campaigns for accessible healthcare services and provides information to people living with the condition about their care and treatment. NHS Choices provides information on living with epilepsy. Amanda, 26, had irregular periods and she knew getting pregnant would be a challenge.

She and her husband decided to become healthier when they were planning to have a baby. They now have a daughter called Shelbie. Hayley, 27, and Sam, 28, a barista from Lincolnshire knew their health conditions would make conception a challenge.

Following fertility treatment, they now have a daughter, Amaryllis. This is their story. Claire Gale, 30, and husband Mark, 32, from Bournemouth always wanted a family. Last year and 8 weeks into her pregnancy, Claire miscarried, but she trusted her body to tell her when it was time to try again for a baby. Lauren, 33, from Essex, and her husband Victor, 33, struggled to conceive and endured a miscarriage and pre-eclampsia before they had their beautiful daughter Cherry.

Information on planning a pregnancy with Hepatitus B, HIV, chronic hypertension, congenital heart disease, asthma, cancer, crohn's disease, fibroids and thyroid problems. Caffeine can affect your fertility as well as the health of your baby when you get pregnant. Find out all about what to do if you are planning to have a baby and have type 1 or 2 diabetes.

If you are underweight it may affect your fertility and increases the risk of health problems during pregnancy. Being a healthy weight helps with fertility, pregnancy and the future health of the child. If you are a smoker and planning to have a baby, the best thing you can do is stop before trying to get pregnant. Next review date July 12th, By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

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Epilepsy in pregnancy

More than one million women and girls have seizure disorders. Epilepsy and seizure drugs may affect birth control, pregnancy, hormone levels, and the female reproductive cycle. Women who have epilepsy and who are sexually active should talk with their doctors about birth control and pregnancy. Many seizure drugs can prevent birth control pills from working well, which may lead to unplanned pregnancy.

See the latest Coronavirus Information including testing sites, visitation restrictions, appointments and scheduling, and more. Neuroscience Blog. Motherhood can be the most exciting time in your life, but it can also be stressful — especially if you have epilepsy.

Articles in the December issue discuss various health issues affecting school-aged children, including acne, eczema and growth disorders. Volume 43, No. Epilepsy is the most commonly encountered serious neurological problem in obstetrical practice. The disease and treating medications may have significant impact on contraceptive choice, efficacy and reproduction.

Pregnancy and epilepsy

It is essential that you seek expert advice from a doctor or epilepsy nurse specialist when you are considering starting a family. Doctors are continuing to learn more about the best ways to treat epilepsy during pregnancy. By enrolling with the UK Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register if you are pregnant and have epilepsy, you will help to give doctors a clearer picture of which medicines are safest for babies' health. The frequency of fits seizures may increase in pregnancy in some women with epilepsy. For women with epilepsy, the risk of complications during pregnancy and labour is slightly higher than for women without epilepsy. The small increase in risk is due to:. Note : the risk of complications to your unborn baby from you having a seizure is greater than the risk from taking your epilepsy medication. If you take anti-epilepsy medicines when you are pregnant, you have a very small increased risk of having a baby with a birth defect.

Planning for pregnancy when you have epilepsy

Epilepsy is a central nervous system neurological disorder. It causes abnormal brain activity and can lead to seizures, unusual behaviors, and loss of awareness. It can be managed with medicine. Women who have epilepsy are at higher risk for complications during pregnancy. Regular medical care before, during, and after your pregnancy is important for monitoring these risks.

Epilepsy brings special issues for women, particularly in pregnancy. As the French say, vive la difference.

In the past, studies suggested that women with epilepsy may have a more difficult time getting pregnant than women without epilepsy. A new study by Dr. The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

For young women newly diagnosed with epilepsy, questions may include those around starting a family: Can I get pregnant? Can I have a healthy pregnancy? Advertising Policy Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission.

If you have epilepsy becoming pregnant might seem risky, but the odds are in your favor. Find out how to promote a healthy pregnancy. Epilepsy during pregnancy raises special concerns. While most women who have epilepsy deliver healthy babies, you might need special care during your pregnancy. Here's what you need to know. Some drugs used to treat seizures might contribute to infertility.

Epilepsy and Planning Pregnancy

Most women with epilepsy have a healthy pregnancy. There are things that can be done now to help you and your baby can stay as healthy as possible. It is important not to stop taking medication before talking to a doctor or specialist about it. They will look at the safest options for you and baby. If you are taking anti-epileptic medications ask your GP to refer you for preconception counselling.

Could pregnancy affect my epilepsy? Most women with epilepsy do not have any change in their seizure frequency during pregnancy. However you might find.

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. Try not to worry, most women with epilepsy will have a healthy pregnancy and go on to have a healthy baby. But there is a slightly higher risk of having a baby with a birth defect or developmental problem, so it's important to get the right support.

Pregnancy and Epilepsy

Most women who have epilepsy deliver healthy babies. But the risk of birth defects, stillbirth, and seizure-related problems is higher for babies born to women with epilepsy. Most antiepileptic medicines increase the risk even more. If you have epilepsy and become pregnant, stopping medicine treatment is not always the best solution.

Epilepsy in Women

Skip to content. Epilepsy, also called a seizure disorder, is defined as a neurological disorder that involves recurrent seizures. Transmission of information from nerve cell to nerve cell occurs by an electrochemical process.

If you become pregnant without having the chance to have some preconception counselling , it is recommended that you:. Most women with epilepsy do not have any change in their seizure frequency during pregnancy.

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Does Epilepsy Affect Fertility?

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