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Virtual Reality - Human Computer Interaction. Cultural heritage is an irreplaceable witness of the traditions and developments of the past. They are evidence of the history of various civilizations around the world.

The common responsibility to safeguard them for future generations is recognized. It is our duty to hand them on in the full richness of their authenticity. Modern technologies have caused several changes in lifestyles. Traditional functions have been replaced by new ones and monuments such as caravanserais, houses, and ancient castles have lost their original use. New infrastructures that are the fundamental basis for recent developments have posed numerous risks to heritage monuments and sites.

Several natural or human disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, and urban or industrial development have damaged physical bodies or the authenticity of heritage buildings.

As Ben Kacyra who established the CyArk to cyber archive heritage buildings through a 3D laser scanning system stated Kacyra, :. It is apparent that we are fighting a losing battle. Basically we are losing our sites and the stories as a significant piece of our collective memories. Imagine us as a human race not knowing where we came from. There are at the moment 35 properties in the list of the world heritage sites that that have been identified as sites in danger that need specific attention and protection.

For example changes in climate, erosion, and abandonment damaged the Rice Terraces of the Philippines Cordilleras. The development of agriculture around the archaeological site of Abu Mena in Egypt increased the level of the water table, softened the clay soil, and risked the collapse of buildings. The Bamiyan Valley and its heritage have suffered abandonment, military action, and dynamite explosions.

However, new opportunities to preserve heritage buildings have been created in recent decades. Digital technologies such as 3 Dimensional Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Close Range Photogrammetry, and 3D Laser Scanning Systems have made it possible to make highly accurate digital replicas of heritage buildings. The Internet has provided an environment to disseminate data on digitally resituated heritage to end users. Digital tools are a key to saving heritage buildings and preserve them virtually.

They can enrich our knowledge about the past and transfer this to future generations. We introduce our research on 3 Dimensional Computer Graphics manual reconstruction of a world heritage site in danger, i.

A devastating earthquake destroyed the city of Bam and its rich heritage in Ten thousand lives were lost and an ancient mud-brick citadel with a unique combination of different types of Persian architecture was converted into debris. The citadel and other significant heritage of the city consisting of its urban landscape and specifically the Qanat water management system was inscribed on the list of world heritage sites in danger as 'Bam and its Cultural Landscape" in UNESCO, WHC, The high-precision process of 3D CG reconstitution of the site faced several challenges.

The citadel was vast and comprised various types of buildings and nine residential districts with a castle on top of a hill. Since most of the buildings were destroyed, precise surveying techniques such as close range photogrammetry and laser scanning could not be applied. The architectural 2D or 3D drawings and images were incomplete and several locations within the citadel had not been documented before the quake. The complicated traditional Persian adobe architecture of the buildings was difficult to comprehend, especially with the lack of reliable documentation before its destruction.

Our project was part of academic collaboration between universities and it involved students of architecture or CG experts from different cultures. Thus, facilitating coordination between the team members and producing a coherent 3D CG model were major challenges to be faced Ono et al.

We will discuss our research methods of 3D CG reconstitution of the citadel of Bam and solutions that we followed to cope with these challenges. We will introduce the key results from our research projects as a demonstration of the virtual reality of the citadel in the situation it was in before the earthquake struck and the distribution of output data accompanied by their semantics on a knowledge-based website.

The citadel of Bam is part of an ancient city that is located along the Silk and Spice Road in the south east of Iran in Kerman province. The city flourished because of its textile products that were carried along the ancient routes to cities far away.

The route started from the sea corridors of the Indian ocean, extended to Hurmoz port in Persia, and passed through the roads of the city of Bam to reach the east-west Silk Road. The city was also developed for its ecological location as a basin in the middle of the desert.

It gathered water through the advanced Qanat water management system that originated from distant mountains. One of the most ancient Qanats dating back to the Achaemnian period B. Several agricultural products supported the economy of the city such as cotton and dates. Travelogues such as those by Ibn Hawqal who travelled there from — CE described the city and its citadel Hawqal, :.

A grand and well known citadel is located inside this city and it has three Jame mosques including a mosque inside the citadel. In Bam a beautiful, elegant and durable cotton textile is woven and is exported to lands and cities far away. The scapulars that are made in this city are very fine and made from delicate silk.

Several other fine clothes are made that are sold in Khaorasan, Iraq and Egypt. Bam textile are very good quality and can be found in treasures of kings. Such strategic locations made the city flourish during the centuries. However, the citadel inside the city has a longer history. Its original date of construction is mysterious but can be guessed from archaeological findings, resemblance of architectural styles, and even myths and stories.

Discoveries after debris was removed from the citadel, such as pieces of pottery, some of which date back to the 3rd millennium B. The citadel is referred to in ancient myths and poems like those by Ferdowsi Persian poet — CE. There are stories about some parts of the citadel such as an old gate Kod-e-Kerm where a magical worm was kept. The worm could secrete a delicate thread probably a silk worm and it brought wealth and fortune to the inhabitants Ferdowsi, There was also a deep water well that was dug by Rostam national hero of Greater Iran and Egyptian craftsmen in the middle of the castle of the citadel in the rocky mountains Vaziri Kermani, Some critical resemblance in architecture indicates the citadel might have had a more important function in ancient times.

Newer layers were destroyed after the earthquake and older mud-brick structures became evident with large mud bricks similar to those used in ancient constructions from the Elamit period BC— BC Mehryar, The citadel has witnessed several historical events, flourishing civilizations, or destructive inventions during the last 20 centuries. When the city of Bam was an important industrial, agricultural, and trade centre in the middle of Persia in the 10 th century, it accommodated vast houses with huge mud brick walls Tayari, However, its defensive function threatened its existence during insecurity in the region.

After this event, and during the invasion by Ghoz into Kerman, the region was mostly destroyed, especially the Qanat systems Aasefi Heravi, , which weakened the economy of the city. The inhabitants who remained after the vast destruction in the bigger city entered the walls of the present day citadel and the large citadel shrank to its contemporary size. They replaced the large buildings and rich districts with smaller everyday houses.

This event appears to have happened in AD on the order of the Teimorid governor of the city Tayari, However, major reconstruction of the citadel occurred during the Qajar period to CE , while the area flourished again for its date gardens. At the beginning of the current century, it accommodated minor military forces and finally it was registered on the National Heritage of Iran list in Although the citadel was destroyed and rebuilt several times during the last 20 centuries of habitation, no power was greater than nature, which changed the great heritage site into debris in 12 seconds.

We investigated the architectural characteristics of the buildings inside the citadel to reconstitute the citadel of Bam in 3D CG. Later, we studied the level of destruction of each case of the buildings after the earthquake. We studied different tools that were available, methods, and experience in parallel, specifically those introduced by the International Scientific Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage CIPA to choose an appropriate digital technique for reconstitution.

We introduce the process that resulted in 3D CG manual modeling of major architecture of the citadel in this section. Knowledge-based records of heritage buildings need to virtually replicate every point of their surfaces through digital techniques. Existing systems for buildings such as close range photogrammetry or laser scanning can produce points of clouds and create precise surfaces of buildings.

Examples of best practices are heritage sites such as ancient Merv Turkmenistan , Angkor Cambodia , and Rapa Nui Easter Island , which have been digitized by the CyArk non-profit organization. The points of cloud data and surface models of these sites, together with 28 other sites have been disseminated over the Internet.

However, these processes pose greater challenges for heritage in danger that has partially or completely been destroyed. The original shapes of buildings cannot be laser scanned as they do not exist anymore. If sites have been photographed with calibrated cameras before destruction, then CRP can help to extract points of surfaces. Unfortunately, such metric on-site images were not available for the citadel of Bam. Yet an aerial photograph of the citadel in was available, which could be used for cartography to generate a 3D drawing with remote sensing techniques.

Although such systems can be used to extract the major dimensions and geometry needed for the heights and plans of buildings, they have shortcomings in elevation and interior spaces. Manual 3D CG modeling was a traditional but effective method in our case study by enabling the geometry of surfaces from 2D architectural drawings to be created. The site was surveyed before the earthquake and 2D architectural drawings as plans, section facades, and perspectives were available Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization materials.

Several onsite photos were also available to help disambiguate interior spaces. Therefore, we chose a multi-technique approach for 3D CG reconstitution. Adle and his team from aerial photos of the citadel of Bam from , as a basic resource to provide planar dimensions. We later used 2D drawings and photographs to complete a 3D model of the buildings both from the interior and exterior Ono et al. Our main decision was to find suitable case studies and to choose manual or automatic techniques of 3D CG modeling.

Manual 3D CG modeling of destroyed buildings with the high degree of precision and the multi-technique approach we previously discussed is a time consuming and difficult task and needs accurate basic documents. Consequently, we needed to select the buildings carefully according to their architectural features. The citadel was divided into three important sections of a district for the public and general inhabitants, an area for military buildings and residences, and the governor's district.

These districts had different levels with different heights of around 50 meters. There were various types of buildings in each district that were partly damaged or totally ruined after the earthquake. There are five defensive walls that surround different sections of the citadel. The first and longest wall with an approximate length of meters embeds the whole citadel. The second wall separates the military and governor's district from the areas for the public.

More than 40 watch towers divide the surrounding walls into shorter sections. There are embankments at both sides of the wall to strengthen its defensive functions.

Women Seeking Men in Raipur, State of Chhattisgarh, India

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To make the process easier and transparent, the online admission process has been started. Chhattisgarh state adheres to this RTE admission policy and facilitates the interested and eligible families to apply online. In order to apply for admission under RTE Quota in Chhattisgarh, the following eligibility conditions should be fulfilled:. As mentioned before in the article, The Chhattisgarh government has set up a dedicated portal to accept online applications under RTE Quota. Now, you need to fill in the registration form by providing accurate information.

Women Seeking Men in Chhattisgarh

CG Specialist Sales Amsterdam. What brings those things together is two points: first, mostly everything is done in CG; second, we work to highlight and promote physical devices. Bikes, juicers, beer separators, beer itself, clothes, steam generators to iron this clothes witheverything that you can touch we can promote. INDG also loves automating things. Or maybe youll like an AR framework that can catch light and was implemented in several automotive and furniture apps. Our vision is that somewhat in the future all products would be virtually available to everyone on the planet. Long before their design is completed or long before retailers are even available to buy them, they can be experienced on all levels of details.

RTE Chhattisgarh (CG) Admission 2020-21 | Online Application Form, Last Date, Status & School List

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Zodiac sign: Leo.

All rights reserved. Tenders Feedback Webmail Archive. S Associate Professors of S. S Asst.

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The Archaeology of Martin's Hundred explores the history and artifacts of a 20,acre tract of land in Tidewater, Virginia, one of the most extensive English enterprises in the New World. Settled in , all signs of its early occupation soon disappeared, leaving no trace above ground. More than three centuries later, archaeological explorations uncovered tantalizing evidence of the people who had lived, worked, and died there in the seventeenth century. Part I: Interpretive Studies addresses four critical questions, each with complex and sometimes unsatisfactory answers: Who was Martin? What was a hundred?

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Virtual Reality - Human Computer Interaction. Cultural heritage is an irreplaceable witness of the traditions and developments of the past. They are evidence of the history of various civilizations around the world.

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