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This makes me question the ethics [or lack thereof] behind this law. But isn't it that others should learn how to help these people with their respective weaknesses in order to make them better people for a better-functioning society? This law is simply stating that one must be on the look-out for his peers' weaknesses so that he will be able to "hit" them through these weak points and use these to his advantage. Does one's search for power really entail that others should be subordinated contrary to these "subordinated's" prerogative? And how would you know if you've gone past doing this "just for power? This law is interesting.

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Law 33: Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew (48 Laws of Power)

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For me, like spying, use this tactic on your enemy. In this way, you know everything that they can throw on you, and counter it. State the Samson story for example, Delilah found out the thumbscrew of Samson, which the enemy, the Philistines, used against him. I agree with the previous comments. This law is somehow connected with the law on spying for it really does use the manipulation of others to get what you want. This is also kind of related with the law on self-interest, for one manipulates the other by using things that one knows the other cannot resist.

The underlying lesson given by this law is basically that we should always be on our guard for people who might use our weaknesses to their advantage. You can find this anywhere - classmates, family, enemies, friends even. So be careful, and watch that back. All that dark chocolate just might get to you. Knowing each man's weaknesses is sure to be used against them, that's why you must not also easily expose your weaknesses to be used against you.

Every being, creature or thing has a weakness, no matter who or what they are. This is such a blackmail thing to do haha.

Being able to know your enemy's weakness and using that against him is like hitting below the belt, and we all know how much that hurts.

Superman's such a big strong superhero who can do anything, right? But then all you need to do is take with you a bit of kryptonite, his worst enemy, and you've got him crawling at your feet. Instant defeat and you could probably get out without a scratch. This is also similar to Law 43 , looking for what makes a person 'tick'.

Dyanster: I agree with you, we must be careful in screening who to open up to, because they might have a secret 'hidden agenda'. The morale lesson in the Japanese film Battle Royale is, 'don't trust anyone'. Although most of us would have to claim that we trust the people who's in our circle, it wouldn't hurt to do a little reality check to guarantee that no one will take advantage of the trust that you are giving them.

Miguel Rojas Hi18 O. Although it might vary, everyone has their price. No matter how righteous or God fearing that person might be, there will always be something you could offer in exchange for their soul.

The hard thing is trying to find the right thumbscrew. But once discovered, you could slowly unscrew it until that person lies defenseless in front of you. Dexter Tanengsy, HiN. I think a great way to counter this law would be the 12th law, using selective honesty. So when using this law law 33 , we need to be aware of this. We have to keep in mind that the other person might just be playing with us too.

We have to be very observant Katrina L. Abello HIO. Like what I said with a previous law, are we willing to stoop that low for power? I agree with Bianca Bes--it's like hitting your enemy below the belt. Would you seriously want to get power through such means? One must be careful in using this law: it can seriously backfire.

Your enemy can work on his weaknesses, and your strategy might backfire at you. Like as mentioned in the other laws, people are bound to their imperfections. Use them, and turn them to benefit us. Out of the 48 laws, which law would you consider as ethical, eh?

One of the two ethics and power must be left behind, and in this case, acquisition of power ruled over ethicality. Katherine Conde Hi18 O. Post a Comment. Are you Mr. If not, then you're the man! You are brave, dependable and dauntless. You are strong, in mind and in spirit; honored by your peers, feared by your enemies. There is absolutely nothing that can break the walls you have tried so hard to build.

Battle after batlle, you emerge victorious. Argument after argument, your opponents end up concurring to your point of view. And you congratulate yourself, celebrate with a delectable bar of dark chocolate.

This delightful blend of almonds, cherries and cocoa might as well be your Achilles' heel — your weakness — and admittedly so. However, is it really a weakness, or but the illusion of a weakness? No matter, it is a thumbscrew the observant, the manipulative, and the all-powerful can put their thumb in, and turn you with at will. At her call, your walls will crumble, and you will be a great monument turned lap dog, doing anything and everything she commands.

All she had to do was pay attention to gestures and unconscious signals. Once she disclosed a fairly insignificant secret to you, there you were pouring your heart out, revealing the helpless child within, going on and on about how your mother never loved you and how your father did not care.

Once she got close to your lover, little did you know she has already taken control of your life by finding the weak link, by getting to the persons closest to you. Once she trained herself to be more attentive, she discovered that you boast about your achievements, no matter how little they are, and you host high society parties often because you are a sucker for social validation.

Despite the dangers in playing on your weaknesses — that is, stirring up actions she cannot control — by planning several steps ahead and anticipating the consequences of exploiting your vulnerabilities, she will have you bend at her will until she is satisfied with the power she has achieved and not simply the thrill of control.

In the end, she will give you what you need, what you crave for. She will embrace you like a mother embraces her child. She will compliment you endlessly knowing that your ears are clapping and your heart skips a beat every time , and she will spoil you, pleasure after pleasure, be it for the soul, the mind, or the body. By unleashing her 'flying squadron', composed of the loveliest women in the court, she was able to spy on her detractors, and keep them too occupied to plot against her.

She knew that the stronger the passion, the more vulnerable the person. The stronger the weakness for women, for example, the more likely a man would play victim in her ploy.

What secret pleasure they cannot control, Catherine controlled for them. Catherine turned men's susceptibility to give in to their carnal desires to her advantage — and that is the way to do it.

That is how you stick it to the man. Posted by Andrea Jalandoni at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. LAW "Make your accomplishments seem effortles Law21 - Play a sucker to catch a sucker — Seem dum Law Do not build fortresses for yourself - Iso LAW 30 "Make your accomplishments seem effortless" About Me Andrea Jalandoni Please make this a dialogue. When you comment, respond not only to the post but to the previous comments.

I want arguements and defenses. View my complete profile.

Find Each Man’s Thumbscrew

Everyone has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall. That weakness is usually an insecurity, an uncontrollable emotion or need; it can also be a small secret pleasure. Either way, once found, it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage. We all have resistances.

Everyone has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall. That weakness is usually insecurity, an uncontrollable emotion or need; it can also be a small secret pleasure. Either way, once found, it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage.

We all have resistances. We live with a perpetual armour around ourselves to defend against change and the intrusive actions of friends and rivals. One of the most important things to realize about people is that they all have a weakness, some part of their psychological armor that will not resist, that will bend to your will, if you will find it and push on it. Some people wear their weaknesses openly, others disguise them. Those, who diguise them, are often the ones most effectively undone, through the chink in their armor.

Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew | Exploring The 48 Laws of Power – Law 33

Image: The Thumbscrew. Your enemy has secrets that he guards, thinks thoughts he will not reveal. But they come out in ways he cannot help. It is there some where, a groove of weakness on his head, at his heart, over his belly. Once you find the groove, put your thumb in it and turn him at will. Everyone has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall. That weakness is usually an insecurity, an uncontrollable emotion or need; it can also be a small secret pleasure. Either way, once found, it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Law 33: Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew (The 48 Laws of Power)

Account Options Connexion. Afficher l'e-book. Baltasar Gracian Morales. There is, perhaps, no better time than now to go back to the basics. The world has become so chaotic, so out of control, yet with everything that has changed, the desire for fame and fortune will always remain constant.

Everyone has a weakness. Usually, it is an insecurity, an irrational need, or an emotion.

For me, like spying, use this tactic on your enemy. In this way, you know everything that they can throw on you, and counter it. State the Samson story for example, Delilah found out the thumbscrew of Samson, which the enemy, the Philistines, used against him.

48 Laws of Power: Law #33 Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew

It is the art of setting their wills in action. It needs more skill than resolution. You must know where to get at any one.

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Shortform has the world's best summaries of books you should be reading. Like this article? Sign up for a free trial here. Everyone has a weakness, a hole in his armor, a thumbscrew. Everyone has a weakness, a button you can find and push.

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