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Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Finding positive role models for girls on TV isn't as easy as it should be. But if you dig a bit, you'll uncover a few gems that will show girls and women in a positive light. Sometimes you'll need to employ the DVD player or stream older series that have gone off the air for these top-rated girl power TV shows. And some shows only feature women occasionally like Iron Chef America , but when they do, they're great examples of strong girls and women.

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Positive Role Model TV for Girls

This trope is when The Protagonist — who is clearly not celibate — doesn't end up with the Love Interest. Someone else wins her heart or she has no choice but to marry someone to save her family or something. For whatever reason the hero ends the story alone. It can be played either for comedy or tragedy. It isn't always a Downer Ending or a Bittersweet Ending , but it sure does tend to be that way.

It is related to No Romantic Resolution resolution here is: it didn't work out. Contrast Everything but the Girl , where the protagonist usually does get the girl eventually.

Not to be confused with two leads not ending up together because one of them dies — that is a different trope , Death of the Hypotenuse when one of the leads is the hypotenuse of someone else, and Platonic Life-Partners where neither of them wanted each other in the first place. See also Dump Them All , where the protagonist rejects all of his Love Interests instead of them leaving him. Cricket tells Gabriella he's ready to accept her love and dance with her, but she reveals she didn't love him after all and because he constantly avoided her, she rejects him and chooses Remy instead.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. I had a hunch this would happen. Anime and Manga. The final chapter of Ciguatera reveals that protagonist Ogino eventually broke up with his hot girlfriend Nagumo , after realizing he has become dependent on her and lacks the maturity to give her a happy life.

Nagumo is last shown 9 months pregnant and married to someone else, while Ogino got his act together and found a new love. It's probably for the best and they're both shown to be happy. In Princess Mononoke , Ashitaka and San fall in love. However, at the end, they realize that neither of them could give up their lives for each other, and the two part, promising to still meet as friends.

Ao no Flag : The penultimate chapter revals that the main couple of the manga, Kuze and Taichi, broke up two years after they got together and finished high school, in a mutual agreement. They have grown distant due to the awkwardness though they still share a circle of friends, and Taichi is invited to Kuze's wedding to another man. Taichi himself eventually figures out he's attracted to both men and women , and starts a relationship with his male friend Touma, to whom he has since married.

Code Geass had a field day with this trope: Shirley died shortly after her Anguished Declaration of Love so she and Lelouch didn't end up together. Season 2 also spent a lot of episodes teasing the sexual tension between Lelouch and Kallen.

That also came a to a halt when Lelouch willingly pushed her away so she wouldn't get involved in his final plan. Finally, Lelouch also didn't end up with C. And, given the subtext , Lelouch did not get Euphie either. This also still happens in the movie series. Shirley doesn't end up with Lelouch under different circumstances, such as living to see him die as part of his Thanatos Gambit , and even after playing a part in bringing him Back from the Dead , he ultimately goes with C.

It is implied he's just as sad as she probably is that things didn't turn out as she thought. Bulma, whom he spent more than half of his life after, ends up with Vegeta. While he continues dating other women, he never married which had been his dream. Fantastic Children fits this perfectly and it's even a large part of the plot. He seems to eventually accepts to live with it. The guy she picks is a good guy and all, but it is still a bit of a downer.

It implies that he will end up with Ninamori but only after they're not kids anymore and are more mature. This is averted in the manga, where he ends up with Haruko but he has to chase after her.

The anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist ends this way twice : in the TV ending, Ed is trapped in our world searching for a way to get back while Winry and Rose are left behind , and in The Movie Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa after finding a way back to Amestris and reuniting with Winry, he realizes that our world needs him more than Amestris and seizes his last chance to return and seals off the portal connecting the two worlds for good, leaving Winry behind yet again.

Needless to say, said prince was never featured in any Super Mario Bros. In Jewelpet Sunshine , the protagonist Kanon dates her crush Mikage for several episodes. Then comes The Reveal that they're siblings , and Kanon has to forcibly give him up, without a consolation prize. Kikaider , is more a case of someone breaking speeching him into walking out on the girl.

Lupin III : Lupin's success with the ladies tends to be hit-or-miss. Such as: In Island of Assassins , he tried hitting on Ellen , though it was mainly just fun 'n games for him, until he learned how she became part of the Tarantulas. She was initially put-off by his attempts to flirt with her because she didn't trust him. By the end of the film, her opinion of him had changed, but only so far as thanking him for giving her a brief moment of freedom.

Said with her dying breath. She repeatedly blows off his advances throughout the film; including belting him several times for emphasis. By the end, she agrees to have dinner with him, but makes it clear that THAT's as far as it goes.

A similar fate happens to Ranka Lee in the second Movie of Macross Frontier , where Alto Saotome declares that he loves Sheryl Nome, but Ranka believes that one day Alto will come back and Sheryl will be awake from the coma.

Since the movie is an Alternate Continuity , this is averted in the TV series. Usui doesn't fare any better in his romantic pursuit of Himegami , who still only regards him as one of her friends. In Naruto , this trope was displayed between Jiraiya and Tsunade. Even in his final moments, Jiraiya reflects that he failed to win Tsunade's affection. Tsunade implies that she was going to confess to him when he returned.

However, there might be hope because Shion promises that he'll meet Nezumi again at the end of the anime and novels. Now and Then, Here and There : according to most anime conventions, Shu should deserve to live happily with Lala Ru after all the suffering both have been through together.

Lala Ru dies, and any chances of Shu getting together with her Earth Expy Sarah are effectively dashed when he returns to his world without her. However, the audience knows from watching his character throughout the story that he'll be able to live happily anyway. Played with Onani Master Kurosawa. Kurosawa starts an unholy alliance with Kitahara, who later starts blackmailing him.

It's the perfect set-up for an eventual love story, right? Guess again; Neither Kitahara nor Kurosawa seem particularly interested in each other, aside from their common goals. In fact, Kurosawa is in love with cute, bookish Takagawa during most of the manga. At first she seems to have an interest on him, but eventually she starts dating Nagaoka, afro-otaku extraordinaire.

That can't last, right? She's the princess of the High School and he's a clown. Kurosawa gets over Takagawa, who seems quite happy with Nagaoka, and ends up dating Sugawa, the yankee that beat his ass because he came over her uniform to avenge Kitahara. A running gag for Sanji in One Piece. For a womanizer, no single woman is ever seen falling for him. Sanji does eventually get a requited love in Charlotte Pudding, but circumstances and conflicting loyalties drive them apart.

Zoro and deceased friend Kuina are a possible example. Life was unkind to the guy. Patlabor : No matter the continuity, Gotoh never ends up with his fellow captain, Shinobu. Throughout the OVA continuity, she maintains a strictly working-class relationship between them. In the end, not only does he not get the girl, he finds out she once had an affair with her instructor , while she was a cadet at the Tsuge Insititute. Worse, the second Movie concludes with her turning herself in with Tsuge, because she still had feelings for him.

Except it was All Just a Dream. He defeats his long hated rival Persian but the girl Meowth chooses the Persian over him. Too bad that is one of the reasons that is implied why they broke up. The main reason was that Winona felt uncomfortable having someone stronger than her for a boyfriend. This does not end well. Later, Homura does not get Madoka.

This does not end well either. The anime version of Revolutionary Girl Utena : Touga tries to win over Utena because she's the only girl at their school who doesn't immediately fall for him - in fact, she rebuffs him many times, and they ultimately don't end up together, with Utena being lost in another dimension and all. There's also the movie, Adolescence of Utena , where Touga is already dead from the beginning.

School Rumble. Tenma is the lead female. Kenji is the lead male. Tenma never returns Kenji's feelings; she doesn't even know about them. Not that it would really make a difference since she's too much in love with the second male lead. Tenma ends up with the amnesiac, brain damaged Karasuma. It's strongly suggested Harima ended up with Eri. The one who did not get the girl actually didn't get the guy: Yakumo.

She's the only main character who definitely didn't get anyone. In the Slayers Light Novel series, the bounty hunter Luke constantly tries to win the affections of his perpetually grumpy partner Millina, all to no avail. This ultimately comes to a climax in the fourteenth novel when Millina is stabbed with a poisoned knife and denied any medical care.

The Greatest TV Shows for Women

This trope is when The Protagonist — who is clearly not celibate — doesn't end up with the Love Interest. Someone else wins her heart or she has no choice but to marry someone to save her family or something. For whatever reason the hero ends the story alone. It can be played either for comedy or tragedy.

Streaming services officially are a destination for television , and some of the best shows on Netflix have won Emmy awards and hit the cultural zeitgeist. Having options is fantastic, of course, but that makes finding something to watch 10 times more difficult.

A perky aspiring actress tries to start a career in New York, getting encouragement from her boyfriend, Don, and her family. For many young women, Ann Marie was an independent role model for the times the late '60s for having left the nest in pursuit of a career. She also inspired trends in fashion with her flipped-up hairdo and cute, mod clothes. Mar more… A perky aspiring actress tries to start a career in New York, getting encouragement from her boyfriend, Don, and her family. Marlo Thomas received Emmy nominations in four of its five seasons.

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Miami, — the starting point for arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time. The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons, spanning episodes from that original NBC transmission 35 years ago, seizing numerous awards including Golden Globes and Emmys, and broadcasting all over the world besides inspiring international versions, including Spain, Russia and The Philippines. The original premise, and its star quartet, still feels exceptional: here was a prime-time sitcom that revelled in its focus on four female senior-citizen housemates. The fact that Arthur, McClanahan and Getty are no longer with us somehow intensifies the chemistry of this on-screen bond; White, now 98, has continued to prove a sparkling presence, across roles from contemporary sitcom Hot In Cleveland to voice acting in Toy Story 4. View image of Credit: Alamy. These women were at an age where they were alone and were likely to stay alone until they found each other… They encouraged each other and had a life together. It paints a picture of all the possibilities for family.

What TV Shows Get Right (and Wrong) About Sexual Assault

When Girls premiered in , it made an immediate and long-lasting impression. Both of these initial impressions were understandable but, as Girls approaches its sixth and final season, it turns out that neither was correct. Instead, Girls has proven to be the more adventurous, surprising and ultimately more influential TV programme. Female ensemble shows have traditionally striven for universal appeal.

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TV shows are an important part of our lives and play a big role in shaping culture — whether we realize it or not. In fact, a study in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence about beliefs and influence of TV found that both young men and women who have viewed rape scenes were more at ease with violence against women, and more attracted to sexual aggression. In fact, not too long ago rape within marriage was not considered a crime. Oscar is paid off with a vacation and a new car and there is no training or accountability for Michael.

Get It Girl

Samara Weaving , who stars in Ryan Murphy 's new Netflix series, " Hollywood ," had a very unusual audition experience. Watch the video. When a supernatural cult threatens Earth, Alice must assemble a team of fairy tale villains to face the literal forces of Death. Tired of being treated poorly by men, four frustrated women devise a game of social conquest to reclaim their destinies.

Behold, a complete list of the greatest TV shows for women, ranked by ladies who love to watch television! For stay-at-home mothers or young girls in groups, television shows can be an epic activity and chance to bond with their friends and family. These are the TV series deemed the best for that woman-bonding time. The demographics of these shows all absolutely include a male audience of all ages, but they will statistically skew towards the fairer gender. Most of the shows feature strong female protagonists or ensembles consisting of memorable female characters. In fact, a lot of the television series literally have the word "girls" in it.

Full Cast & Crew

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Get it Girl has posts on their Instagram profile. Follow their account to see all their photos and videos.

The ladies explain the meaning of P-Power. The cast dishes on the good, bad and ugly of having a hot friend. We all do it.

Lena Dunham’s Girls: the show that turned TV upside down

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The Golden Girls: The most treasured TV show ever

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Did Not Get the Girl

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