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How not to get a girl ssundee

I haven't updated in a month? Oh, hehe, sorry. School just ended for me, and I needed to take a break from thinking for a bit. So I bet you all are wondering: "Waa, Team Crafted is captured?

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This Is How A Popular Minecraft YouTube Star Lured An Underage Fan Into A Sexual Relationship

He was born in Michigan, and raised in both Louisiana and Virginia most of his life. He is a former member of the group Vision Squad. Ian was born in Michigan and has lived in a variety of areas.

At the age of 8, he moved to Louisiana. At the age of 16, he moved to Virginia. When he was having marital issues he briefly moved to Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.

He is now living in his old home in the city of Summerville, South Carolina. He later got married to a girl named "Madelyn" at the age of In he started uploading gameplay videos such as "Call of Duty, Dota, League of Legends" and a lot more. His channel grew and In the same year, he discovered Minecraft, and made his first Minecraft video titled " Minecraft Rollercoaster! He started a Minecraft Survival series with some of his friends and started uploading daily.

His channel grew bigger and bigger as he met more people, and he soon got his wife Madelyn involved in playing Minecraft and The Sims 3 with him. At the same time, he did vlog videos of him and his son Colton. On February 14, , he made a vlog video talking about him leaving the military, and that he would have more time to make videos.

The hacker uploaded a video titled parody , many reuploads of the video can be found online. After the incident, SSundee got his channel back and eventually his Twitter account, but decided to stop using Twitter after this incident, but has since started using Twitter again as of June 4th, In September , SSundee went to Minecon, a Minecraft related convention, where he met a lot of his fans.

From December 27, , to April 17, , SSundee stopped uploading gameplay videos for almost four months. On January 3, , SSundee released a video explaining his absence and that he would be taking a temporary hiatus from YouTube due to personal issues and focusing on his family.

He stated on both his Instagram and his Twitter that an update video would be coming soon. He recorded the video in the offices of DoubleJump, his company. He explained that he and Maddie separated and that his life was in God's hands, and that he would return to YouTube once God told him to.

He was in his old home in South Carolina and announced that he was returning to YouTube. It was Fortnite gameplay with Crainer. At the end of , SSundee announced an end to Minecraft videos and has since switched entirely to Fortnite. He has uploaded more Fortnite videos than he has ever done and his ideas in his minigames continue to attract more subscribers.

On July 2, , SSundee returned to Minecraft playing a game of hardcore survival. It marked the first time he played Minecraft since December 3, , and Minecraft returned to the channel perhaps briefly as a new series. On October 10, , SSundee had announced that his wife is 8 months pregnant, SSundee did not reveal the gender of the child until he was born. On October 25th, , his second son, Simeon Luke Stapleton was born.

SSundee introduced him on his YouTube channel on December 1st, He showed his viewers his really cute baby Simeon. SSundee shared that he put socks on Simeon's hands because his fingers can be dangerous to him. This is all we know so far about Simeon. This page was created on December 16, by Zezortos. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. He was in the Air Force for 6 years.

His favorite color is blue. He stated that if he were to get a new hair style, he would go for the Mullet which he now has , but styles into a ponytail, sometimes removing his bobble. He likes Jeremy Camp. The reason he joined the Air Force, was because he was neither interested in school he attended Nandua High School until , nor did he find it useful.

He didn't find anything interesting in high school and went to college for few classes but hated it. He later quit to join the military and and found he loved it. He likes Rock and electronic music. His favorite sports are basketball, soccer and tennis. He used to love wearing caps when he was in the military and even while he was doing vlog videos back then. His middle name is Markus. When he was about "5 years younger" 21 years old, or possibly 5 , he got stung by a wasp 4 times in the groin while riding his bike.

And they went one step further The channel currently has over 1 million subscribers. In an episode of TrollCraft, posted on October 7, , he specifically says "I'm gonna try and get this episode done as quickly as possible because a hurricane is gonna come to my house in like 10 hours. SSundee lives in South Carolina.

SSundee found out sometime in December that he was allergic to bananas. SSundee and Madelyn bought a new house in mid and gave a tour of it as a 5 million subscriber special.

While some people claim it to be, SSundee's first video was not Minecraft. SSundee is allergic to chicken. SSundee has started to upload content in , that he hasn't uploaded in months, and years, drawing most of his main Minecraft fanbase back because of their disliking towards his usually daily Fortnite videos.

Welcome to my channel. It's SSundee. Two underscores. SSundee here, and welcome back to Before you go slamming your face into the dislike button, give this game a chance. You may actually like it. I had to do it. Livestreams "LEL! Like a boss! Every time I find a lucky block, I have to open it. Give me my number. This isn't cool, homie! Go away! Do you have a pen and paper ready?

One more strike. What is your obsession about stacking things on top of things? Lucky Block Series "Yeah, don't judge me. I'm a Sadist You're like 'Ssundee, why did we do all this? Let me be a happy little boy. Mistakes were made! You just burned the Golden Cobblestone into your heart. Died What are you doing to me? Hope you guys enjoyed. You're a fffffff I'm helping.

I feel really bad about that. In the neighborhood I'm a wizard too! Let's count together. Heh he-he heh! I believe I can touch a guy! I believe I can sing Tiger Eye! I believe I can touch the sky! Think about it every night and day! Let me give you a hint.

The icing really isn't icing! Now get the freak outta here! It looks like my mom washed my clothes with a chainsaw! You'll get what I mean soon.

The Richest YouTubers Keep Getting Younger and Younger!

Me: Oh yeah, technical difficulties. When I upload this I'm going to edit it, so go back to that if you wanna know what happens. OK so this is Ssundee's backstory and maybe Jason's depends how long they are I wanna keep each chapter between words.

Mark Pernice for BuzzFeed News. After going dark for more than a year amid accusations on social media of soliciting and distributing nude images of his adolescent fans, a Minecraft YouTuber named Marcus Wilton, better known online as LionMaker, has resurfaced. His quiet reemergence is happening at a pivotal moment for how YouTube moderates its platform and for how society at large deals with allegations of sexual abuse.

Check out the list below for various Creator Codes and links to them. For other games, go to the game menu and enter the code within the Creator Boost section. Creator Codes will work in all Supercell games that have the 'Support a Creator' option, even if the creator doesn't play that specific game. The code will be active for 7 days and will need to be entered again to continue supporting the creator. You can apply for a creator code on the Supercell Creators Portal.

The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2017: Gamer DanTDM Takes The Crown With $16.5 Million

SSundee is on twitter known as ssundee. Here you can see the best tweets of SSundee , take a look at his statistics on Twitter or register to see your best tweets. I am looking to re-do things on my YouTube channel. I want to be more popular and have more friends. Can you be my friend? If I started a Minecraft series, what should it be? To all interested YouTubers: If you want to be in a game that we are working on, let us know.

List of Creator Codes

Love the game and cant stop playing. Only issue is a bug that i hope gets fixed soon. At random times a colorful gift box will drop into your merging area which u can then choose to dismiss it, watch a video, or spend some gems to get a new cannon. The bug is when u click on watch a video, it returns u to the game and wont go away.

He is a former member of the group TeamCrafted.

He usually uploads daily Fortnite videos , with additional videos on his second channel with his wife Thea. He usually refers to his fanbase as "The Crazy Family". He has a funny, charismatic style. He is a Christian and he often plays with SSundee.

Merge TD: Idle Tower Defense

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! This story appears in the December 26, issue of Forbes. Minecraft player Daniel Middleton tops the list thanks to billions of views, an international tour You may not see Daniel Middleton walking down a red carpet, but he is a celebrity in a league of his own.

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He was born in Michigan, and raised in both Louisiana and Virginia most of his life. He is a former member of the group Vision Squad. Ian was born in Michigan and has lived in a variety of areas. At the age of 8, he moved to Louisiana. At the age of 16, he moved to Virginia. When he was having marital issues he briefly moved to Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. He is now living in his old home in the city of Summerville, South Carolina.

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We picked these top most subscribed YouTubers in the gaming category in These most popular YouTubers have been creating numerous gaming content, including gameplay, walkthrough, entertainment for all kinds of video games. Let's take a look at these best YouTube channels of gaming in with the most updated subscriber numbers. Video games have been a form of entertainment long before the internet became easily accessible to all.

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