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How to meet your guardian angel

The idea that a guardian angel is watching over each and every one of us can be an enormous comfort. Do you believe in angels? Which of these guardian angel signs have you observed? Let us know in the comments. Dreams are often considered the windows to the soul, but they also can indicate that your guardian angel is nearby. Angel believers report that a guardian angel may visit you in a dream to let you know that they are watching over you.

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How To Meet Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel already knows you better than anyone else in the universe, and that is why he or she is your guardian and your friend. This is because in the two thousand years since the coming of Jesus Christ, we have not been taught that we each have a Christ Presence. Therefore, people came to acknowledge that presence, that friend and guide, as their personal angel. Depending on your devotion and love and the number of assignments you give them, you may have dozens of guardian angels who answer your prayers and help loved ones.

Our Christ Self is our Real Self. The fact that we have a Holy Christ Self is not merely a Christian concept. Your Holy Christ Self, the real you, is who you were when God created you and your twin flame out of his white-fire body, the original causal body—the Body of First Cause.

By and by, after aeons of experiencing perfection in this Great Causal Body of God, you elected by the exercise of free will to depart from that perfection and explore the denser spheres of the matter universe. This is when you and your twin flame began to make karma, specifically negative karma.

The law of karma then caused you to be tied to the realms of imperfection where you made that karma. That is why we are all here and why we have only partial knowledge of who we are and where we have come from. And that is why God has sent his angels to remind us, to quicken our ancient memory of who we are and where we came from.

We are wearing mortal bodies in place of the immortal bodies we once wore, and we are not face to face with our God. We are human in so very many ways. But we are also divine, and it is the divinity in us that beholds God face to face. The essence of our divinity, our Holy Christ Self, does see God, our Mighty I AM Presence, and does reflect that Divine Image back upon our souls so that we might daily start to put on, once again, the image and likeness of God in which we were originally made.

The gnostics were members of early Christian sects who believed that they possessed the secret, or mystical, teachings of Jesus and that this special knowledge was the means to salvation. Some gnostic writings teach that the spiritual counterpart of the gnostic is an angel. In other words, they also called the Holy Christ Self an angel. The goal of the gnostic is to become the bride of his angel. The gnostic teacher Heracleon calls this angelic counterpart the husband of the gnostic.

To the soul, who abides in the human body, the gnostics assigned the feminine gender and referred to the soul as she. And to the angel, or Holy Christ Self, they assigned the masculine gender. In the mystical tradition of Catholicism, the soul is seeking to become the bride of Jesus Christ. Even some non-Catholics believe this. Aimee Semple McPherson, the great Christian evangelist of the twentieth century, published a magazine called Bridal Call.

She was always waiting for the Bridegroom to come and receive her soul. So this concept of being the bride of Christ has figured for two thousand years in Christian thinking. In other traditions this bonding is called the alchemical marriage. The ascended masters teach that our soul is intended to be wed, or bonded, to our own Holy Christ Self.

We were bonded with him in the beginning, but we lost that bonding. It is as though the Bridegroom had divorced us because we were no longer in the pure vibration of divine love.

We can regain this bonding by giving devotion to God and by expressing love in every possible circumstance, withstanding any temptation to anger. By practicing the presence of Christ and by walking in his footsteps and striving daily to be bonded once again with our Lord, we seek to be restored to our First Estate, where we were when God created us.

The Hebrews and some early Christians also taught that nations had their own guardian angels. These angels, they believed, could guard the nation and plead for it when it was threatened by divine punishment. Islam teaches that each person has four guardian angels who protect him against evil forces. Two angels guard a person during the day and two at night. According to Islamic teaching, the guardian angel stationed to the right of a man writes down his good works immediately.

The angel at his left records his evil deeds a few hours after he commits them, first giving him some time to repent. They believe your guardian angel assists you in your spiritual, bodily and earthly affairs, as these pertain to your salvation. Catholic tradition explains the role of guardian angels as twofold. First, they protect and direct man. Second, guardian angels act as intercessors. Catholics are encouraged to ask the angels to pray for them and to protect them.

If we truly love our Guardian Angel, we cannot fail to have boundless confidence in his powerful intercession with God and firm faith in his willingness to help us. This will inspire us frequently to invoke his aid and protection, especially in time of temptation and trial. It will prompt us also to ask his counsel in the many problems which confront us, in matters both great and small. Many of the saints made it a practice never to undertake anything without first seeking advice of their Guardian Angel.

The third-century Church theologian Origen of Alexandria taught that the angel who attends you will withdraw if by disobedience you become unworthy. Saint Jerome taught that you can drive away your guardian angel when you do not repent of your sins. Origen also cites the teaching given in early Christian texts that good and bad angels influence the thoughts and actions of men.

The Jewish philosopher Philo contends that within each soul there lives a good angel and a wicked angel. There are two angels with man; one of righteousness, the other of iniquity….

The angel of righteousness is mild and modest and gentle and quiet. When therefore, he gets into thy heart, immediately he talks with thee of righteousness, of modesty, of chastity, of bountifulness of forgiveness, of charity, and piety.

When all these things come into thy heart, know then that the angel of righteousness is with thee…. Hearken to this angel and to his works…. When anger overtakes thee, or bitterness, know that [the angel of iniquity] is in thee.

No barrier will be set up by your angel. The only barrier is perhaps your shyness or fear or forgetfulness in speaking to God, confessing your sins, telling him you desire to do better and to live a life that fits you for your goal of union with him. Starting a new life with not only your guardian angel but all the angels of heaven is just as easy as turning around and walking into a room.

Remember that God made the angels to be our caregivers all the way Home. Elizabeth Clare Prophet writes: I received a letter from a woman telling me of a cherished experience of oneness with her Holy Christ Self.

In my thirty-eighth year, I had an amazing experience. I was sitting in my living room caring for our newest arrival, when suddenly a powerfully uplifting light and radiation began to fill my outer awareness.

It continued for several days. I praised and thanked God and asked to understand more perfectly this wonderful blessing.

After a few days of this, I suddenly realized that the vibration of this light was that of the Christ consciousness entering my being. I called to my Christ Self and it intensified. I knew that I could now see and feel more clearly what the Christ flame really was and how to better call it forth minute by minute. Now almost every waking moment I was concentrating on affirming the living Christ within me and calling forth my beloved Holy Christ Self….

I wanted that relationship that I believe many mystics of the Christian dispensation had with Jesus. Now a door is opening and I can see a real possibility of this within my own heart! I was about ten or eleven years old. It was a hot summer day and my father had just picked up my sister and me from our summer camp and we were driving home. I was exhausted and sleepy—so sleepy that I thought it would be wonderful to lean my head up against the car door and fall asleep. As I was about to do this, a strange yet beautiful thing happened.

I heard a voice. I shall never forget that voice. It was a female voice—firm yet gentle, commanding yet soothing. Wait until you get home. I instantly obeyed her command and raised myself to a more upright position. Shortly thereafter—seconds or minutes—our car was hit broadside by another car and the side on which I was sitting was completely smashed in.

If I had laid my head down as I had intended, I might have incurred severe head injuries and perhaps died. My gratitude to God for the wondrous intercession and devotion of the angels of Light! Your guardian angel knows you very well. The seven archangels will send other guardian angels to you if you need them, so by your devotions you may have more than one guardian angel who is taking care of you, your family and loved ones, your neighborhood, your town or city, your country and the world.

One way to meet your guardian angel is by praying to him or her. We have a prayer for you in the exercises. It is a vehicle you can use to express your devotion to God and your chief guardian angel, your Holy Christ Self. The words are a vessel into which you pour your love. Let the words lead you to the restoration of the consciousness of God that you had in the beginning.

You can also use this prayer to direct your love to Chamuel and Charity, the archangels who are the guardians of your physical heart, your heart chakra, and of the threefold flame, the divine spark in your heart. In giving this devotion, you have begun to reconnect with all the divine love you knew in the beginning with God and your twin flame.

Holy Christ Self above me, Thou balance of my soul, Let thy blessed radiance Descend and make me whole. Refrain: Thy flame within me ever blazes, Thy peace about me ever raises, Thy love protects and holds me, Thy dazzling light enfolds me. Holy Christ Flame within me, Come, expand thy triune light; Flood my being with the essence Of the pink, blue, gold and white.

Holy lifeline to my Presence, Friend and brother ever dear, Let me keep thy holy vigil, Be thyself in action here.

7 Dynamic Ways to Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

Consciously connecting with your guardian angels is a powerful step to take on your path of personal growth and spiritual development. In case you are already wondering, or doubting whether you actually have guardian angels with you… Let me reassure you by saying, yes! You absolutely have guardian angels! Everyone who is alive on the planet has at least two guardian angels whether they are aware of them or not.

Posted by Padre on March 19, You need to know how to meet your Guardian Angel to understand him better and make effective and efficient prayers. The connection between you and him would be nothing like what you have experienced before.

I am frequently asked how to communicate with a guardian angel and the answer is simple: all you have to do is ask. Your guardian angel is there all the time, waiting and hoping for you to start to listen to it. As you read this, acknowledge the fact that there is an angel by your side. If you find this hard to do, just suspend your disbelief for a short time and imagine it. Have a little faith and be open to the possibility that there is someone there beside you who never leaves you even for one second, who wants to help you.


Regardless of what religion you follow, you likely have spiritual guides sending you messages. There are many kinds of guides, but guardian angels are the ones assigned solely to you. They guide you throughout your whole life and are thought to fill your world with helpful signals. It's up to you whether you see these signals as divine guidance or not. For example, feathers are thought to be one of the angels' favorite signs to leave on earth. You can choose to believe that the feather you saw on the sidewalk fell from a bird flying by, or you can trust that it's some kind of sign that your angel is watching you and everything will be OK. When we acknowledge signs from our guardian angels, we encourage them to send more and open up the lines of communication between the physical world and the divine. A physical sign might be getting goose bumps or feeling a slight breeze brush past you. Emotionally, some people feel an overwhelming sense of love and support wash over them. Hearing a buzzing in your ear can be a sign that angels are trying to connect with you.

11 Signs You’re Being Visited By Your Guardian Angel

You have guardian angels! Regardless of whether you are currently aware of angels, and open to signs of their support and signs of their presence… they are watching out for you daily and supporting you! Sponsored Links. Elevating your consciousness so you can perceive in the higher realms of spirit and know your guardian angels is an essential step on your path of spiritual development.

Bring a simple, structured meditation practice to your life over 21 days that will help you experience relief, connection and creative solutions.

Your guardian angel already knows you better than anyone else in the universe, and that is why he or she is your guardian and your friend. This is because in the two thousand years since the coming of Jesus Christ, we have not been taught that we each have a Christ Presence. Therefore, people came to acknowledge that presence, that friend and guide, as their personal angel. Depending on your devotion and love and the number of assignments you give them, you may have dozens of guardian angels who answer your prayers and help loved ones.

All you have to do is ask!

Guardian Angel, spirit guide, spirit animal, Higher Self…whatever you want to call it, more people than ever wish to contact these otherworldly beings. These times can feel very isolating and scary, but our guardian angels want us to know that they are here with us through it all, and can help guide us along our unique paths. No matter your situation, we will discuss some ways to connect with your personal guardian angel in the article below.

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This is one of the key passages in the Bible regarding guardian angels. We know from Scripture that the role of guardian angels is to guard men, institutions, cities and nations. However, we often have a distorted image of the functions of these angels. Many of us see them as beings that are good just to obtain advantages for us. Contrary to popular belief, this is not their only role.

Blog of the Angels

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: December 31, Reader-Approved References.

How did your Holy Christ Self come to be known as your guardian angel? This is because in the two thousand years since the coming of Jesus Christ, we have not.

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How To Contact Your Guardian Angel

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