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Their five-season run eh, technically Skarsten was only there for three of the five seasons together on Lost Girl came to end in , but all 77 episodes are on Netflix for anyone to enjoy right now. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Love triangles? Adorably progressive Canadian shows with liberal stances on sexuality and language, inventive new angles on familiar genre conventions and precious little money to work with? I was lost for years, searching and running only to find that I belong to a world hidden from humans [note: the underworld of magical beings called Fae who look like humans but are centuries old and can either be good or bad]. I will live the life I choose.

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Top 10 Episodes of Lost Girl – Canada’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Hybrid

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On January 20th, , the 6,th article was added to the SuccuWiki! Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the season on the television channel Showcase. For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Dyson , proper name unknown, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was one of Bo 's friends and was also her lover at one point in the series.

Dyson has appeared in a total of thirteen First Season episodes, twenty Second Season episodes, twelve Third Season episodes, twelve Fourth Season episodes and fifteen Fifth Season episodes. Dyson was Fae in nature and specifically a Wolf-Shifter having powers and abilities similar to that of a werewolf.

The role was played by the actor Kris Holden-Ried. He first appeared in the premiere episode of the series It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where he was in search of Bo , who had killed a human in public which brought her to the attention of the Fae leadership. With Hale 's help, Dyson was able to bring both Bo and Kenzi into the world of the Fae beginning his relationship with Bo which lasted throughout the series.

Through the series, Dyson's role in the human world was as a Homicide Detective in the 39th Division of the local police force, his partner for the first two seasons being Hale.

Dyson in his role with the Fae served the wishes of The Ash as one of their investigators with regards to Fae crimes. Throughout the series he also acted as Trick 's confidant and lieutenant, knowing that Trick was in fact the Blood King and acting in his best interests when required to do so. While appearing middle-aged, Dyson was at least 1, year old and possibly older.

His past included living in Ireland for a time and serving the King of Ailech with his friend Stefan and his wife Ciara. Dyson broke his connections with his pack at that time when the King betrayed Stefan, having him killed on a mission and making it possible for the King to marry Ciara. Upon doing so, Dyson became a lone wolf with no pack allegiance until he encountered Trick sometime in the past and swore allegiance to him. While Dyson appeared to serve The Ash of the local Fae community during the series, his true ties to Trick were kept secret.

Dyson was very protective of those he called his friends, placing his own life in jeopardy many times. He offered himself initially as a means for Bo to feed as he could survive her feedings, though he was weakened by them. As his relationship with Bo became more intimate, he came into conflict, at least with regards to Bo , with Lauren who also was a lover of Bo 's. After this occurred, his relationship with Bo faded over the course of the Second Season and he eventually became involved with Ciara.

He was unable to love Ciara however as he explained, his love was taken away and "wolves mate for life" meaning that even if his love was returned, he would not truly love anyone else save Bo.

Kenzi eventually recovered what The Norn had taken at a price, and Dyson's love for Bo was revived one more. In the Third Season, Dyson found that his inability to reveal to Bo that he did love her again allowed Lauren to have a closer relationship with Bo, eventually causing her to try to make a monogamous relationship with Lauren which failed when it became clear that Bo could not survive and her feeding on Lauren was harming her.

Dyson still had a relationship with Bo, but out of respect for what Bo and Lauren had together, decided to wait and not push the issue as he knew that he could, and would, wait for Bo however long it might take. During the Third Season, with Hale becoming The Acting Ash , he was teamed up with Tamsin , a Dark Fae and had an adversarial relationship with her, especially when it came to Tamsin's opinions and actions against Bo.

Dyson stood by Bo 's side when she faced her Dawning and he died there, but was returned to life when Bo returned from her test with his body and used her powers to revive him. His final appearance in the third season was the finale Those Who Wander during which he was kidnapped by Doctor Isaac Taft and made to battle other Fae to survive. He was operated on by Lauren under the orders of Taft in order to help Taft become Fae.

However, Lauren tricked him and while he did become Fae, he did not gain Dyson's powers and was killed by Dyson. After being rescued by Tamsin , the pair drove off a cliff when they encountered The Wanderer , Bo 's father. Their fate at the end of that episode unknown and uncertain. Dyson returned at the beginning of the Fourth Season, seemingly uninjured from the car crash, but the whereabouts of Tamsin were unknown.

His memories were altered by unknown persons so that he no longer remembered Bo. As a result his relationship with Kenzi , Hale and Trick seemed to be changed to an extent.

Encountering Aife with Kenzi, he realized that there were changes in his and other memories and set out with Kenzi to repair the damage.

Upon regaining his memories, Dyson set out in search of Tamsin and Bo to find out what happened to them, eventually locating them both. His relationship with Bo was rekindled with the absence of Lauren , but nonetheless he went in search of Lauren next, found her and they were reunited.

However, the mystery of Bo's disappearance, and then the revelation that she had signed a pledge with the Dark Fae created some strife among Dyson and Bo. When Bo left for the Death Train and then returned with Rainer, The Wanderer at her side, the situation became worse when Bo declared Rainer to be her "destiny.

Dyson also took it upon himself to train Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief. Following the death of Rainer , Dyson expressed his love to Bo and formally gave fealty to her, saying that he was meant to serve a Queen, not a King. When the portal that Bo's Father was intending to use to arrive on Earth was found, Dyson, along with Tamsin and Trick defended against the oncoming hordes of Remnants.

Dyson attempted to stop Kenzi from sacrificing herself in order to close the portal, but did not manage to do so and was witness to Kenzi's death having to stop Bo from going to Kenzi's side. Following Kenzi's death, Dyson went to the gates of Valhalla where he found Tamsin who had taken both Kenzi and Rainer 's souls there and helped her away.

At the end of the Fourth Season, Dyson's whereabouts were not exactly known, though he was close by, possibly with Tamsin or Bo.

Dyson also was involved in an investigation of an elevator crash that quickly turned into a search to understand what the arrival of a group of Ancient Fae on Earth represented. Dyson's relationship with Bo ebbed and flowed over the season as well.

At one point, Dyson seemed to become attracted to a human, but this relationship did not go anywhere. Dyson remained on the human police force, but had switched his allegiance from Trick to Bo, though he did still respect Trick's position as the Acting Ash.

During the season, it was also revealed that Dyson had a son named Mark who then moved in with Dyson and become involved with the Fae. Towards the latter half of the season, Dyson became involved with Alycia Welles. Eventually Dyson ended his relationship with Alycia shortly before Hades attempted to take over the Earth with Bo's unwilling assistance.

Dyson was present when Bo confronted her father Hades and defeated him and during this event Dyson also came to terms with his relationship with Bo and how Lauren fit into both of their lives. Following this, Dyson then retired from the police force and took over Trick's place at the Dal Riata with Mark becoming a rookie police officer.

Dyson's first appearance came in the series premiere episode It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where he and Hale , acting in their human world roles as police detectives, investigated a death. They came to the conclusion that the death was caused by one of the Fae and began a search. The death was caused by Bo feeding on a human being in order to save Kenzi from being raped. Before Bo must fight for her life, Dyson, for reasons we are not told at that time, allowed Bo to feed from him.

He does however stop Bo before she takes too much from him, thus giving her the strength to win her battle. Giving Bo his business card, he wishes her luck and drives off. While it is clear that Dyson is Fae, in this episode it is not made clear what kind of Fae he is. During this point in the episode, Dyson met with Trick and it was made clear there was some sort of relationship between them and they were holding secrets about Bo's past. As a result of injuries that Bo suffered in the episode, Dyson allowed Bo to feed upon him as they shared a night together.

It was also shown that Dyson had a number of tattoos on his body, but no information about them was revealed. Oh Kappa, My Kappa found Dyson still with Bo and seeming to become very involved with her, if not possibly in love with her. This episode also marked the first time that Dyson shifted into his wolf form, that being a white haired wolf. It was shown that Dyson had secret Fae files on some crimes and he works to keep Fae matters and out of the official police files.

Dyson was summoned by Trick and told that he needed to break up with Bo because he was becoming too involved with her. At the end of the episode, Bo decided to tell Dyson how she felt about him, but found him involved with another Fae.

Dyson told Bo that when they were together it was only to heal her and that was all it could ever be in order to follow Trick's orders to him. After Bo left, Dyson's displeasure with what he did was made clear to Trick, but to no avail. During Faetal Attraction , Dyson saw a police psychiatrist in an attempt to overcome his conflicting emotions and honor over Bo which was interfering with his human role as a detective among other issues.

He did help Bo in her ongoing investigation during this episode as well. As part of Dead Lucky , Dyson and Bo set out several ground rules about their relationship which included: Bo can take any job she wants in her detective agency, but Dyson would be kept informed to what she is doing and the other was that each of them can see other people outside of their relationship.

Dyson assisted Bo in another case by providing information and the occasional muscle to back her up. Dyson was also confronted by Kenzi over his attitude and actions towards Bo, noting that she could see through his act if Bo couldn't. Kenzi also told Dyson that she was off "Team Dyson" and stuck a "I'm Stupid" post-it note on his jacket before leaving.

Later in the episode, Bo and Dyson wound up in a back room together, the walls in the Dal Riata shaking, things falling off the walls, while Hale and Kenzi attempted to ignore what was happening. Food for Thought found Dyson helping Bo in another investigation, but the episode was more notable for the change in relationship between Kenzi and Dyson.

When Kenzi's life came to risk during the episode from something she ate in error, Dyson promises Kenzi that he would take her somewhere safe to stay. She agrees and in doing so, seemed to come to trust him more than she had in the past. Dyson talked with Kenzi, the pair coming to an understanding between them. Kenzi told Dyson that she sees things because people look at Bo and not her. She told him that she could see that he was helping Bo in spite of the pain and damage he took.

Dyson tried to avoid that promise, but the expressions from him proved that he would do what Kenzi asked. After Kenzi's life is saved, Bo and Dyson spent some time talking about how Bo had gotten some good points with The Ash for what she did.

Bo told Dyson that she had better control over her feeding and could manage to control it better than before. She mentioned that she could probably have sex with humans again, but Dyson seemed none too happy about that idea. Dyson was even more unhappy when Bo suggested that she might see other people. During ArachnoFaebia , Dyson fought to save Bo, Hale and Kenzi when they were bitten by a spinder-like Fae against the wishes of The Ash, and succeeded in during so barely in time with Lauren's help.

He also confronted Lauren for her actions in the episode noting that what she did almost killed Bo. Dyson also warned Bo that Lauren was too close to the Ash and that Bo was too close to Lauren, which concerned him greatly.

Dyson also warned Bo that he would no longer help her to heal, saying that she needs to learn something for her own good. During the episode Dyson and Bo come to blows over Bo's current case, but to no avail for either of them.

Dyson also warned Bo that she must choose a side wit the Fae to stay alive once again. When Bo finally confronts Vex in this episode and attempted to kill him, Dyson stopped Bo and her rage turned to Dyson for a moment before Dyson admitted to Bo that he cared about her.

Lost Girl 3.02 Subterrfaenean REVIEW

On January 20th, , the 6,th article was added to the SuccuWiki! Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the season on the television channel Showcase. For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here.

On January 20th, , the 6,th article was added to the SuccuWiki! For other uses of the word Succubus , see Succubus disambiguation.

It revolves around Bo Anna Silk , a young woman with the ability to control men and women through her touch and suck the life from them with a kiss. She is a succubus , and one of the Fae, a group made up of several races of supernatural entities separated into two sides: Light and Dark. Rather than choosing a side, Bo decides to strike out on her own and learn about her past with the help of a streetwise sidekick named Kenzi Ksenia Solo , a Fae police detective named Dyson Kris Holden Ried and his sidekick Hale, a beautiful scientist named Lauren Zoie Palmer , and a wise old man named Trick Rick Howland. It has a webisode series dubbed "Season 3.

Full Cast & Crew

Sign In. Edit Lost Girl — Mark 10 episodes, Amanda Walsh Nadia 7 episodes, Rob Archer The Ash 5 episodes, Aaron Ashmore Nate 5 episodes, Anthony Lemke Ryan Lambert 5 episodes, Kate Trotter The Norn 6 episodes, Deborah Odell

Trick knows the location, St. Thomas shipyard, but points out that in the picture St. Thomas carries a Bible in his left hand instead of his right. Less than a minute later in the shipyard, Bo deduces, apropos of nothing, that the vision was displayed in reverse because of the St. Thomas picture, and she and Kenzi are looking for the wrong container.

Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural drama television series [1] that premiered on Showcase on September 12,

The following is a listing of fictional characters from Lost Girl , the Canadian supernatural drama television series that premiered on Showcase on September 12, , and ran for five seasons. Portrayed by: Anna Silk [1] [2] [3]. A Succubus, she has the power to absorb the life force the "chi", or Qi of humans and Fae by drawing it out through their mouths.

When Tamsin first met Bo, she was cold and rude. She openly expressed hatred and a desire to see Bo imprisoned, as she believed Bo was secretly killing Dark Fae by feeding on them. In ConFaegion , however, the two became friendly when they reverted to teenage states after being infected by a parasite. After she used her power to awaken the comatose Dark Fae, who then confirmed that Bo had been his attacker, Tamsin decided to keep it a secret from The Morrigan — and appears to have made herself an enemy of The Morrigan by defying her.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. Bo is a succubus seductress who discovers she is part of a clandestine order known as the Fae. Forced to swear an allegiance to either the Light or Dark Fae clans, Bo decides to live by her own rules - and seeks to unravel the mysteries of her past. More purchase options.

Dyson works in the human world as a homicide police detective in the 39th Division Homicide Squad. Though at first glance he appears middle-aged, he is actually 1, years old. In terms of shifter tradition, warriors like Dyson fearlessly and unquestioningly believed in total loyalty to their King. This changed when the King betrayed his wolf pack and had his best friend, Stefan, killed to take his wife, Ciara , for himself. After this, Dyson left his pack for good, becoming, in effect, a lone wolf. This might explain why Dyson sometimes gives the impression of being "cold".

Description from I searched for this on Lost Girl - Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin and Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson Lost Girl.

Тишина шифровалки взорвалась сигналом тревоги, доносившимся из служебного помещения ТРАНСТЕКСТА. Сьюзан и Стратмор в недоумении посмотрели друг на друга. - Что это? - вскрикнула Сьюзан между сигналами. - ТРАНСТЕКСТ перегрелся! - сказал Стратмор.

Однако я уверяю тебя, что ТРАНСТЕКСТ он любит куда больше своей дражайшей супруги. Если бы возникла проблема, он тут же позвонил бы. Мидж долго молчала. Джабба услышал в трубке вздох - но не мог сказать, вздох ли это облегчения.

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