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Why cant i get a boyfriend yahoo

Okay,i'm extremely frustrated. My friends,mom,dad,random people,even a few boys say i'm pretty. Just one teeny tiny problem I cannot for the love of god get a boyfriend. It's just so frustrating since i'm boy crazy,all my friends have one,and I like lots of boys. There is more to life than boys dont look so despreate.

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I am never going to get a boyfriend :(?

Okay,i'm extremely frustrated. My friends,mom,dad,random people,even a few boys say i'm pretty. Just one teeny tiny problem I cannot for the love of god get a boyfriend. It's just so frustrating since i'm boy crazy,all my friends have one,and I like lots of boys.

There is more to life than boys dont look so despreate. Guys use you at this age anyways. The longer you wait the better guy you will be with trust me. You'll even be able to attract guys you might feel is out of your league. I suggest going on a bunch of dates before choosing one guy to be your boyfriend. Have fun. Guys are scared when they see someone pretty and sometimes the get a bite intemadated when they are approached by a girl Well don't shy, show them that you are sexy because you are, you just hide and I see in your eyes, you have look of someone that could be very beautiful, but hide it Let your hair stay down, wear a little more tighter clothes so they all can see what I see you are hiding, dress like your secure and confident That you know you are sexy and beautiful, don't worry what is on T.

V but since you are watching those shows do see how they act, even though the follow lines word for word they are sure of themselves and that is how you have to be I hate to admit it but guys are visual people and they like there girlfriends to show it and not be afraid to show it to the world, because you have to represent them also How you are inside is later, you have to get out attention first and that is best and fastest way to do so But that doesn't change anything.

The boys at your school probably just haven't opened there eyes yet. Or maybe they are just a bunch of scary cats. Trust me everyone has been there. Its alright. That special one will come. And i bet as soon as he sees you he will ask you out. Just wait and watch. I mean it. Perhaps its your habits or character that avert them.

I'm not saying that you are a bad person but that people are really sensitive. Besides perhaps you are someone special for whom God has given a very special man and you are to love only that one man who's gonna sweep you off your feet. Don't feel bad about such things ever OK.

I hope I was of some help. Just remember, just because someone else is pretty doesnt mean your not. And just because you dont have a boyfriend doesnt mean your not pretty, There are really beautiful people out there that are single, and there are also okay looking people that are in relationships, not because of their beauty but because of their heart.

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why do people keep asking me whether i have a boyfriend?

People do this to me as well. I'm I know I am attractive this is a fact , but never have had a boyfriend.

I'm 16, well I just turned 16 like a week ago. I've never kissed a boy. It's my first year at a co-ed school this year.

This is a disgustingly insecure question which i'll probably take down soon enough, but i'm really getting bothered! I'm a little insecure and quite quiet, but i'm friendly and talkative when I get to know people, and have many friends and friendly aquaintances. Yet despite everything, and despite all of my friends having been in many a relationship or having lovely long term relationships, I remain single. And it's starting to get to me. Any thoughts?

Why is it so hard to find a boyfriend?

It could be the fact that girls love the attention they get from their new man that they don't even realise that they are shutting their closest friends out. Tell your friend how you feel, if she is a true friend then she WILL make time for you, if not then you better off without, i say friends will always be there for you whereas guys come and go, in the mean time how about you get a boyfriend too so that you can get spoiled with gifts!! I know exactly what you're talking about. Basically all my friends now are in some form of a couple and have forgotten me rather completely. I haven't figured it out. I get that you feel a deep connection to another person, but can't you have a deep conncetion with another person and still spend time with your good friend? All I know is that I refuse to be like that once I get a guy I know I will probably spend more time with my guy and a friend should accept that, but I won't ever forget my friend completely or stay out of their life. I hope others look at the relationships their in and decide if they have neglected their friends or not Unfortunately, this is what happens when you get into a relationship and everything else gets pushed aside

Why do girls change when they get a boyfriend?

I'm 20 years old and have never had a boyfriend. I consider myself attractive and not to brag but people tell me I look like a model all the time. I have "dated" guys in the past but they all usually just want sex so I end up dumping them. The guys that like me are either creepers 20 years older than me or they are the players who just want sex. I really like this one guy who is really nice and I think we would be perfect together, but he is not into me.

Why is it so hard to find a good guy to be your boyfriend?

We LIKE attention. I suppose, saying things like, "I killed my grandmother" and actually being serious about it is a bit of a turn off. But too much smiling?

Why is it so damn hard to find a boyfriend?

I'm 17 so I am not nervous that I will become this old single lady with 20 cats, but I have a group of girlfriends and 3 of them are either in relationships or they are close to be in one. I'm just wondering what is wrong with me? I'm not ugly or fat okay I don't look like Victoria's Secret model either , actually we are on the same level as it comes to appearance.

I'm 16 and i've never had a bf and i'm just woundering if i'm doing somthing wrong. Lots of guys say i'm pretty or hot or attractive but i just cant seem to get any guys? Ok well I do like a guy I guess but i've never talked to him lol which sux! And its summer so i never will see him. And all my friends are like ugh i haven't had a bf for a week and i'm like WTF? Way to make me feel worse".

Tip on how to get a boyfriend!?!?

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I'm eighteen next week and have never had a boyfriend. I'm a little insecure and High school boys are immature, and most don't really care how smart you are.

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Беккер наклонил голову и тщательно разжевывал облатку. Он почувствовал, что сзади что-то произошло, возникло какое-то замешательство, и подумал о человеке, у которого купил пиджак. Беккер надеялся, что тот внял его совету не надевать пока пиджак.

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