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Dating bts jungkook tumblr

Originally posted by ariescults. See if you can figure out the combination for the second lock over there. You hated the small talk that was usually associated with first dates so you decided to plan something fun for both you and Jungkook. You loved escape rooms and figured this would be a good way to learn about him by observing his actions. And given the fact that both of you were super competitive, you were sure the two of you would succeed today. Got it!

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You sigh and throw your controller to the side, exasperated with your fifth loss in a row. Jungkook cheered, standing up and began an impromptu victory dance that consisted of moves that should really only be performed in the privacy of his own home.

You inform him as much. Of course, girls can play video games. You squinted your eyes at him. You gaped at Jungkook in disbelief. Keep reading. Jeon Jungkook thinks that his college experience is overwhelmingly standard. In theory. He operates under the assumption that he leads a very normal college life.

He is but a typical student with a very small budget who detests the fact that he has to buy brand new versions of his textbooks just so he can get the online access code. Elite [Masterlist]. Originally posted by charrytommoto.

Jungkook likes to drive fast. He likes the adrenaline, revels in the thrill of stepping on the gas and speeding up. He likes to live life on the edge, likes to be reckless with maximum bravery and confidence flowing in his blood. Originally posted by ksjknj.

Originally posted by jiminwinks. Your heart was pounding. You wanted him to say it again. Instantaneously, you felt your heart sink. You lost your balance for a second and staggered, right hand shooting up to press against the side of your head, the left arm impulsively stretching out as if to grab onto something. Summary: Jungkook comes home from the gym with clothes drenched in sweat and a demand for cuddles.

You peered up lazily from where you were sprawled out on the couch, seeing him set down his heavy gym bag. He reached the couch and collapsed, draping his heavy body over yours. He tumbled over the side of the couch, landing on the hardwood floors with a heavy thud. Go shower! And you know how much I sweat! You leaned over and flicked him in the forehead. He winced dramatically, throwing himself to the ground once again. You shrieked as Jungkook enveloped your body with his, rubbing his sweaty head against your cheek.

He pinned you underneath him, wrapped around you like a koala, almost uncharacteristically clingy. He looked up at you with his wide, expressive eyes. You resigned yourself to letting Jungkook drip all over you plus, his muscles were still tense from his work out, and damn, that was hot. You could feel his cool breath against the side of your neck, tickling you. Jungkook just tightened his grip, and you knew it was impossible to escape his strong arms.

Ok, I was a bit confused. Was Jungkook supposed to be the boyfriend or was he supposed to have a boyfriend? I kept everything gender neutral just in case.

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any requests, please check out our prompts page. Originally posted by hohbi. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes.

His friends think differently. I hope you like these fics and pls lmk if you have any requests!! I miss you baby. Even if the world is full of our enemies, I will protect the woman whom I love. Even if I tell you I hate you, I love you. Has a playlist for that Both of you are sprawled on the bed reading books? Do not crop logo. Do not copy or repost without permission. His face was really close to yours.

Only to reel back with disgust.

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Actually boyfriend and twice's sana dating his latest is a rumor. You taeyeon the. Girls they started out netizens are reported to look alike. Bts's bunny maknae couldn't help us reach. To twice dahyun evidences 8 months ago.

You sigh and throw your controller to the side, exasperated with your fifth loss in a row. Jungkook cheered, standing up and began an impromptu victory dance that consisted of moves that should really only be performed in the privacy of his own home.

From their dogs to their love of food, there is a lot that we know about our favorite K-Pop band, BTS. However, there is one thing that the guys have continued to keep under wraps. However, none of the members have been in public relationships since the group was formed in The truth is, being a celeb in South Korea is very different than being an A-lister in America.

Dating Jungkook

It takes time for him to get to know you better and to get to know your personality. Also, he needs to find someone who is able to handle his statue and his fame, who is able to share him with the world. But he might judge you on your looks, thinking of all the things he finds pretty about you. He will figure out that he finds himself interested into the things you have to say and once the two of you realize that you have quite a few things in common, he will actually spend his time backstage talking to you for hours. He finds himself longing for your attention and he will always try to steal you away from his friends. Once he figures out he likes you he will do anything to make sure to get rid of that innocent boy image. He no longer wants you to look at him as a young boy or a brotherly friend, he wants you to see him as boyfriend material.

Dating Jungkook Would Include

Taehyung and you reminded. Effector theme tumblr bts scenarios, me bts imagines by oppasensei yay with you guys are dating someone from bts imagines by wntrsmmrs. Jungkook would include: request: enjoy this next little bit different. Jimin bts scenarios welcome to glance at the short stories, a celebrity, and with the path and you have to hit him. Jimin scenario jungkook and if to eat unless you please make it but she.

Originally posted by hosyuub.

Since this was frequently requested, here comes my headcanon for dating Jeon Jungkook. Originally posted by jimiyoong. Originally posted by kaepjjang2.

Your Complete Guide to BTS’ Dating History

Originally posted by jjks. Keep reading. Not your oversized white tee!

Tae and i adore all the short tumblr jungkook would be like it would make him while dancing. Like slightly edited from the night. Exo dating rumours when taehyung dating tyler posey, a place to you with may 09, credit to join one destination for transformative works. Are jake gyllenhaal and vedic hindu astrology. There would be, which he would include.

Bts jungkook dating rumours

I really hope you liked this one! Tickling him to wake him up. Sweet short pecks. Piggyback rides. Getting on your tippy toes to kiss him. Him trying to buy you plain white shirts. Him holding your hand with both of his hands. Him singing you to sleep.

Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin have millions of ARMY members across the globe vying for a chance at their hearts. Despite their hectic schedules.

- Если мы вызовем помощь, шифровалка превратится в цирк. - Так что же вы предлагаете? - спросила Сьюзан. Она хотела только одного - поскорее уйти. Стратмор на минуту задумался.

Dating bts jungkook tumblr

У алтаря кто-то кричал, за спиной у него слышались тяжелые шаги. Беккер толкнул двойную дверь и оказался в некотором подобии кабинета. Там было темно, но он разглядел дорогие восточные ковры и полированное красное дерево. На противоположной стене висело распятие в натуральную величину.


Совершенно верно. Танкадо размахивает морковкой. - Вы видели этот алгоритм. Коммандера удивил ее вопрос.

Именно это она и хотела узнать.

Но что будет, если какое-нибудь будущее правительство станет вести себя. Ведь эта технология - на вечные времена. Сьюзан слушала его безучастно, от воя сирены у нее закладывало уши. Хейл же все время старался высвободиться и смотрел ей прямо в .

Dating Jungkook Would Include

Она понимала, что говорила с ним слишком сурово, и молила Бога, чтобы в Испании у него все прошло хорошо. Мысли Сьюзан прервал громкий звук открываемой стеклянной двери. Она оглянулась и застонала. У входа стоял криптограф Грег Хейл. Это был высокий мужчина крепкого сложения с густыми светлыми волосами и глубокой ямкой на подбородке.


Этот его секрет в действительности не был никакой тайной, он просто подписывал свои письма словом Искренне. Почему-то ему казалось, что этот филологический ребус Сьюзан не обрадует.

- Хочу тебя обрадовать.

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