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Does a guy need abs

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Sexual Health. Share Facebook. Does a guy have to have abs to be hot? Add Opinion. In all honesty, I hate guys with obvious muscle. Not saying I'm attracted to chubby guys, just guys without defined muscles.

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How do I get a six-pack as an average guy?

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Sexual Health. Share Facebook. Does a guy have to have abs to be hot? Add Opinion. In all honesty, I hate guys with obvious muscle.

Not saying I'm attracted to chubby guys, just guys without defined muscles. Muscles gross me out for the most part and are actually a turn off for me. My current boyfriend is a little on the chubby side not to say he's fat or anything, just slightly above average , and I'm sort of indifferent towards it.

I will say that it makes a pretty nice pillow though. Personally - no. I don't find abs attractive. But plenty of girls do. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

Abs are probably one of the last things I care about. My boyfriend has a belly and I think he's super attractive. I love chub lol. My fiance is a bit chubby and I love it. He said he wanted to lose weight I said no more then 10 to 15 lbs lol.

I love his belly ; He's super sexy. Some of mi exes had six packs and others didn't. Honestly, I prefer a guy with a little Chub over a guy with abs. Abs are nice, but no they do not define how hot a guy is. If there's a little extra baggage it's no biggie, and yes I would still find someone hot. Not really. Johnny Depp doesn't have the perfect body but he's still handsome :.

Linlin Xper 2. My boyfriend doesn't have a six pack, but he does have abs. And he's average weight. I would prefer not to date a larger man Ann10 Xper 4. No abs are not a deal breaker at all. I think that the people that find that to be a deal breaker are very shallow and don't care about you as a person. None of my boyfriends have ever had abs. Nope, my hubby is overweight and super sexy! Related myTakes. Show All. Far Right Factor: A Democrat who is more popular than them, smarter than them, they will do just about anything Why does God allow evil things to happen?

My First Celebrity Crush. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

The Unexpected Things That Happen to You When You Get Abs

I say no, couple of my mates said yes, asked a girl and she said no, and so now im putting it to the escapist. Imo, its just an enhancement. You can be attractive without out, but you can just have a bit extra aesthetically, and a lot more health wise etc Besides, it should be more about taking pride in yourself.

But your biggest challenge to getting a six-pack? This is called cutting. You will need to be burning fat, and it will slowly burn off from everywhere, of which the fat on the stomach and lower abs are the second last place to go.

So today I went for the ultrasound, and an attractive young technician leads me into a room. So I did. Anyway, I understand that Situation dude would pull up his shirt to show off an alien that was about to burst forth, or something, and women would flock to this grease-coated reprobate to engage in acts of coupling that would certainly give me nightmares if I took the time to ponder it. My wife was at her computer and I went to ask her something. She started answering my question and then seemed to get a little distracted.

Survey: Do Women Care if a Guy Has Abs?

Oh, sure, pecs and biceps are all well and good, but anyone can get a half-decent set of those if they glue themselves to a dumbbell for long enough. Oh, please — half an hour on a bike for a couple of weeks and BOOM there they are. The abs, the washboard, the rack, the dreaded six-pack , not to be confused with its much more fun cousin of the same name that gets you pissed. Rock-hard abs. Everyone seems to have them. Well, almost everyone. I distinctly remember a time when a six-pack was the prized possession of an ultra-toned minority. They belonged only to Arnold Schwarzenegger , Olympic athletes and the men in the volleyball scene in Top Gun. Even stars on soap operas, which used to be the last guaranteed place an ugly actor with a paunch could get work until fairly recently, are now all strutting round as buff as you like. Head to the gym for another punishing workout to make up for all the Chablis you quaffed at the weekend and there they are.

Does a guy have to have abs to be hot?

Having abs is like being Mormon, in that you want to share the secrets of heaven your abs with the world, so you go around knocking on doors and stuff to let everyone know about them. If you don't have abs, you're all If I suck my stomach in and only eat celery and kale for a week, I sort of have abs if you squint. If this were done forcefully, this would be considered torture under the Geneva convention.

At least not unless you can clip it to your tongue and use it to zap your taste buds.

There are plenty of reasons to want a strong set of abs. They're tough as hell to work on, so they can provide a fitness challenge. Or maybe you just want the perfect poolside pic for Instagram. But whatever your motivations, there are some things about having a six-pack that you can only know when you're on the other end of the process.

7 Things Guys With Six-packs Do Every Day

You may know that Google is tracking you, but most people don't realize the extent of it. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce Google's tracking. To be healthy? To be successful?

Sculpting a six-pack is more than a weekend project. To build and, most important, maintain truly enviable six-pack abs, you need to work at it. Just ask any guy with awesome abs. Here are seven totally doable things guys who have successfully achieved six-packs do every day of the week. The core stabilizes the entire body and helps transfer power between the lower and upper limbs—and training it that way yields the best results. Real abs require real carbs.

Stop trying to get a six-pack

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Jan 14, - Getting a six-pack for most guys could be simplified to: Having well developed abs that would be big enough to see; Having a low enough body.

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10 Things Guys Think About Their Abs

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6 Guys with Ripped Abs Tell You Why It’s Not Worth It

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