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How to get a woman lyft driver

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Lyft, Inc. Most jurisdictions regulate ridesharing companies and they are banned from operating in some jurisdictions. For more information, see Legality of transportation network companies by jurisdiction. Riders must download the Lyft mobile app to their smartphone, sign up, enter a valid phone number, and enter a valid form of payment either a credit card , Lyft Gift card, or link to an Apple Pay , Google Wallet , or PayPal account.

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A Women-Friendly Version of Uber Is Here.

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As children, it was drilled into our heads to never get into a car with a stranger. We rarely think twice when using an app for a complete stranger to give us a ride to the airport or a ride home after a fun night out.

Hailing an Uber or Lyft is like playing a game of ride-hailing Russian roulette. To find out, we surveyed women across the country about those ride-hailing companies. We also asked if safety was a factor in their decision to use Uber or Lyft and if they took any precautions. But when it comes to the person behind the wheel, women riders want women drivers.

Nearly 45 percent prefer female drivers. Only nine percent want male drivers and 46 percent have no preference. Another reason could be female drivers are far less likely to engage in risky driving behavior, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Situations sometimes escalated. A similar statistic for Lyft is just under eight percent. We broke the data down even further, looking at what women are experiencing inside an Uber or Lyft.

They reported everything from getting hit on to the driver contacting them after the ride. Nearly 13 percent of female Uber riders said they were made to feel uncomfortable, nearly 10 percent were hit on, and five percent said the driver called or texted them after the ride. Lyft had smaller percentages but is used less. Seven percent of women felt uncomfortable during a ride, six percent felt unsafe, and just under three percent report being assaulted or nearly assaulted.

When asked about safety precautions, women told us the tactics they use. Others only take rides if someone is joining them. One woman carries a gun. Despite the numbers, women still trust ride-hailing apps. Our data shows they still consider Uber and Lyft the safest form of transportation compared to taxis, professional car services, and public transportation.

Nearly 67 percent for Lyft. Neither Uber or Lyft have an option to request a driver based on gender. Uber has no plan to make it available although the company is on a crusade to recruit more female drivers. Uber is facing its fair share of legal wrangling over the danger women face while using their service.

A class action lawsuit was filed in California claiming the company needs to do more to screen drivers and protect female passengers. Shortly after that, Uber announced it made a number of safety changes, including the ability to designate up to five contacts riders can share trip details within the app.

It also made changes to its background checks, doing periodic reruns on drivers, not just in cities that require it. Lyft points out it has an extensive background check process, a one-million dollar liability insurance protection plan and a hour critical response line customers can call and report any issues.

While Uber and Lyft are opting out of allowing customers to choose their driver, some companies are catching on. Girl only ride-hailing businesses are slowly starting to pop up around the world. Less than one percent said they never used Uber and 28 percent reported they never used Lyft.

Of those who did use the apps, a majority reported they used them sporadically. Is Uber Safe? How Safe are Uber and Lyft for Women? Last Updated on January 14, So what else does it take for women to feel safe getting into an Uber or a Lyft? What women are experiencing during rides We broke the data down even further, looking at what women are experiencing inside an Uber or Lyft.

A small percentage of women said they were assaulted or the driver attempted to assault them. Despite danger, women still prefer ride-hailing apps Despite the numbers, women still trust ride-hailing apps. Methodology women were surveyed across the United States for this report through online polling company Pollfish on October 23, All Rights Reserved.

We want every ride to be a safe ride.

The internet is full of stories cataloging the horrors women have faced when using ride-sharing apps. Both female passengers and drivers for popular ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft have reported being sexually harassed or even sexually assaulted. The need for this app is glaring, based on the experiences of women who have had their safety threatened while they were just trying to get from A to B.

If you use rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft long enough, you may end up getting matched with the same driver multiple times. This is especially common in smaller cities or areas of cities that have fewer rideshare drivers operating. It could be that you just enjoy the conversations you have with your rideshare driver, or that they understand the quirks of parking and pickup at your apartment complex.

DriveHER is a ridesharing App and community designed to empower and provide a safe space for women and people who identify as women through transportation, technology and lifestyle. In Canada, taxi driving is a male-dominated occupation with a DriveHER is changing that by empowering women to get behind the wheel. At DriveHER, we believe your safety is priceless.

Become a Driver

We're here to help! The Uber app cannot match you with a specific driver. When you request a ride, your app sends your request to nearby drivers to pick you up at your pickup location. CNN reported over Uber drivers been accused of sexual assault. When i became an Uber driver back in IN NewHavenConnecticut. I had so many females passengers who felt more comfortable with me then a male Uber Driver. The stories was ridiculous. It never bothered me to jump in my car to make sure a women got home safe or even a male. I no longer drive for Uber.

How can I specify a female driver?

Millions of Lyft rides happen every single day. Our goal is to ensure every one of them is safe and comfortable from start to finish. So we invest in safety innovation and build in-app safety features. We provide around-the-clock support. All with the goal of protecting every member of our community.

In the US, you can talk to us: Interview Kickstart. Teachers are current employees of Google,

If you don't have an account you can sign up for one now. You can also reset your password if you've forgotten it. You are not able to request specifically for a female driver with Uber and Lyft.

How Safe is Uber and Lyft for Female Drivers? 9 Tips to Stay Secure

Since ridesharing burst onto the scene a few years ago, a big question for many has centered around how women fit into the picture. First, of course, is the question of how safe it is for women to ride with Uber or Lyft , essentially hopping into vehicles with total strangers. Thankfully, Uber and Lyft have both made enormous efforts to ensure that drivers are properly vetted and qualified before employing them.

Make yourself less vulnerable with these insights and tips. Even an extremely low percentage of dangerous rides could mean hundreds or thousands of daily incidents. Since apps will tell you exactly where your driver is, you only need to go out and meet them at the last possible minute. University of South Carolina and the family of Samantha Josephson are spearheading the WhatsMyName campaign to promote rideshare safety by always positively identifying your driver. Never get into an Uber, Lyft or any other private car unless the driver can first identify you by name. Make sure their personal appearance matches their profile photo.

The Option To Request Female Drivers Isn’t The Solution To Uber’s Sexual Assault Issues

Ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber need to offer passengers the option to request a female driver for enhanced personal safety. My dear friend narrowly escaped an assault attempt made by a Berkeley Lyft driver early yesterday morning. As a woman and a person who drives for Lyft, I am hyper aware of the interest and necessity for passengers to be able to request a ride from a female driver. MoveOn Civic Action does not necessarily endorse the contents of petitions posted on this site. MoveOn Petitions is an open tool that anyone can use to post a petition advocating any point of view, so long as the petition does not violate our terms of service.

Lyft, Inc. is an American ridesharing company based in San Francisco, California and operating These women allege that they were raped or assaulted by Lyft drivers, and that the company did not do enough to keep them safe In November , Lyft began offering riders the ability to make multiple stops during a trip.

As children, it was drilled into our heads to never get into a car with a stranger. We rarely think twice when using an app for a complete stranger to give us a ride to the airport or a ride home after a fun night out. Hailing an Uber or Lyft is like playing a game of ride-hailing Russian roulette. To find out, we surveyed women across the country about those ride-hailing companies.

The confessions of female Lyft drivers

Drivers must submit a valid driver's license, social security number, vehicle insurance, and more some states have additional requirements. Our background checks include: a social security number trace, a nationwide criminal search, a county court records search, a federal criminal search, as well as a US Department of Justice state sex offender registry search. Anyone whose background check shows violent crimes, sexual offenses, or other disqualifying felonies is not allowed to drive on the platform.

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