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How to live stream on meet me

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Socializing has become a pretty wide concept with the development of new technology tools and internet applications. A face-to-face experience no longer requires to have the other person next to you and the language of communication already trespassed the verbal and non-verbal modules. Finding people with similar interests could be difficult at times and nowadays everything moves very fast. MeetMe is a platform designed to help you find people nearby that share many of your interests and want to find someone to chat or someone looking to go out and have some fun.

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MeetMe Review

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Sign up Log in. Stream Wars. By The Meet Group. Stream Wars features interviews with top streamers who share their tips and tricks for hosting a popular stream, what motivates them to stream, and how live streaming has impacted their lives.

Listen on. Where to listen. Go to next audio Go to next audio. Go to prev audio Go to prev audio. Catherine founded the company in while she was still in high school total girlboss! Back then it was a website called My Yearbook and, in this interview, we talk all about the creation of that original platform and how it has transformed into the MeetMe app that you know and love today.

Catherine shares some of the top successes and struggles in those early years of building the platform, and her advice for entrepreneurs. We also talk about the decision to add live streaming to MeetMe, what are some of her favorite live streams to watch, and her own personal experience with live streaming.

Catherine also shares what she feels has been the best part of creating MeetMe and why live streaming has only made that better. In this episode Anthony and I discuss whether or not live streaming can be considered a real job.

The original idea came from a study that was released in China on January 8th. The report also shared demographics, salaries, upsides and downsides of this new career path. In this episode, Anthony and I break down the findings of the report and compare them with the live streaming industry here in the US and the habits or our broadcasters on The Meet Group platforms.

The report also found that even when it comes to live streaming, education level has a dramatic impact on earnings. About one-fifth of full-time hosts stream more than eight hours a day Because viewership peaks in the evening, livestreamers often work late at night.

In order to hone their skills and further their careers, many streamers were found to re-invest a large portion of their earnings each month into developing their talents for example taking singing or dancing classes , upgrading their equipment microphones, lighting, props , or improving their appearance. Check out our blog post to get the full run down of the report.

We discuss the unique features of Uplive, the challenges they face when expanding into new markets all over the world, and the tactics they use to assimilate the app into local cultures.

Note: This interview was pre-recorded and at the time of release May has moved on to a new role and is no longer with AIG. The first interview features Ceanna and Ash, two streamers who met on MeetMe and after discovering that they lived only 40 minutes apart, started meeting offline.

Fast forward to a couple months later and the girls have become best friends who share their passion of streaming. Following that are interviews with Gabe and Jakeup, two streamers who are best friends and roommates in real life. To date, Justin has mainly focused on creating content for Youtube and Instagram so we discuss why he has yet to try live streaming and why the medium might actually be a good fit for him.

We also talk about some of the panels he moderated at Playlist and some of his biggest takeaways. This interview is part of our series that was recorded at the recent Playlist Live conference.

The difference between traditional fame and internet celebrities. Donna and Dylan share how they first got started with live streaming, how they wound up on MeetMe, their top tips for streaming, and what they have learned from becoming a top streamer. Sebi shares how he grew a following of 1. Find him on TikTok Sebi. We also talk about community building and she shares how she loves thanking her audience by sending them physical gifts, from Christmas present giveaways to mailing over Valentines cards.

She shares her story of growing up feeling socially awkward and alone, then one day going on MeetMe to find friends and accidentally hitting the live stream button. Fast forward to today, and she is a full-time live streamer who is very passionate about providing entertainment for her followers.

We also discuss common misperceptions that people have about being a live streamer and how she overcame that with her family. We were lucky to get to snag a couple minutes to speak with him during what is obviously very busy weekend for him.

We also talked about how playlist has evolved over the years, and what are some trends he sees moving forward. Next up I spoke with Ellevan, a music producer and freestyle rapper, who actually performed at the MeetMe pool party that took place during the conference. Ellevan and I spoke a lot about the power of consistency. In he committed to creating a new freestyle song every single day for a year, which he accomplished, and he shares in our interview how that has affected both his skills, and his social media following.

We also discuss his experience with live streaming and how using live streaming to get immediate feedback on his songs has been very useful for him. Playlist Live is a huge gathering of top content creators across a number of platforms and mediums from Youtube, to TikTok, to MeetMe. MeetMe showed up in a big way this year and we had dozens of top streamers converge upon the event. Taking advantage of so many content creators in one place, we took Stream Wars podcast on the road and recorded a number of mini-interviews with MeetMe streamers as well as creators from other platforms.

Russ brought everything to the table in this interview, sharing his emotional journey of using live streaming to help with anxiety and depression. What really hit me was when he shared how he never thought he was good enough to become a top streamer, and he shares what happened that changed that mindset.

He also shares the emotional story of how he was able to pay for his trip to Playlist and the big takeaways that he got from the conference. Then I chat with Chris, who told his story of getting into live streaming with no background in social media, never realizing he would be good at it or enjoy it as much as he does. Chris treats his live streams like a talk show, inviting audience members to jump in the guest box which is like a video screen within a screen and be interviewed.

He shares his tips for having people in the box and emphasizes how important it is for streamers to create their own niche. A top streamer believed in him, he started learning how to be a streamer, and then it just took off.

In this episode we hear from Ashley Christ, a Twitch streamer and stream coach. Now you may be thinking, what is a stream coach? Ashley has an incredible passion for sharing her personal branding and community building acumen with aspiring streamers, and during our conversation she shares a bit of her background and personal experience and the adversity she faced when she first tried to become a Twitch streamer back in and how that has shaped what she is doing today.

She is clearly very knowledgeable about this industry and over the course of our conversation she offered many tips that will be valuable for both new and old streamers alike. IRL content refers to non-gaming content, anything from chatting and cooking, to singing and travel.

Guest: Ashley Christ twitter. When it comes to the global live streaming industry, we often hear about developments in China, the emerging markets, and the US, but what about Europe?

LOVOO was originally a location-based pure-play dating app. We then discuss the European live streaming industry and its advantages and disadvantages. In the second half of the episode we focus on talent development. We hear how LOVOO built its talent management team from scratch and the tactics they use to train and retain top talent.

They share how encouraging streamers to meet offline, and giving them opportunities to do so, has allowed them to develop very tight-knit talent communities.

I also got them to tell me about some of the entertaining and innovative content they are seeing from their streamers. This discussion also includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of which are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ.

More information is contained in our SEC filings. We caution you against placing undue reliance on these statements and disclaim any intent or obligation to update them. My guest is Roberto Quinn, who is a social producer out in Hollywood. It is his job to help entertainment companies and celebrities plan and produce their social strategies, and that often includes live streaming.

Roberto and I talk about the growing trend of what is called the second screen experience and why live streaming in being used more and more in Hollywood. The talent? The content? Integrating the viewer at home is essential.

Allow viewers to actually shape the contents of the show. Jeremy also gives some tips for streamers who want to get the most out of the battles feature.

This week we speak with Lindita and Izzy, two amazing live streamers from the platform Tagged who will be sharing with us how they have incorporated live streaming into their careers as creatives and entertainers. Lindita is a singer songwriter, originally from Europe and now based in the US.

Over the past year or so Lindita has started using live streaming as a way to gain exposure to new audiences and develop closer relationships with her fans.

In our interview she shares how live streaming benefits her career and why she thinks all entertainers need to be doing it.

Then I speak with Izzy, a poet and radio DJ. Izzy originally started using live streaming as a way to get over a bad breakup and after performing spoken word one day discovered that it really resonated with her viewers on Tagged. Now she hosts weekly poetry slams which have become very popular on Tagged, so much so that she got recruited to become a radio DJ in Atlanta where she lives.

Peter has been in the Western live streaming industry for more than four years, starting out at Facebook working on Facebook live, then jumping over to Twitter where he helped develop Periscope after Twitter had acquired it.

Most recently he has joined Twitch, where he works specifically to develop tools for streamers or creators as he calls them to improve their streaming experience, help them grow their followings, and monetize better. Then we dive into his role at Twitch and discuss some of the specific products that he has worked on including Raids, Achievements, and Squad Streaming. There are a couple terms that Peter uses quite a bit that you may not be familiar with.

Video game live streaming is the main type of streaming content on Twitch and anything outside of that such as painting, dancing, a talk show, etc. The second is Subs, which is simply an abbreviation for subscriptions. As we discuss in the interview, subscriptions are one of the ways that Twitch streamers can monetize their streams.

This unlocks special privileges for them and the streamer earns money from each subscription. The last one is Emotes, which are essentially emojis, stickers, and gifs used in the Twitch viewer chats. As Peter explains in the interview, the vast majority of Twitch emotes are what's known as subscription emotes.

Fans of a particular broadcaster can unlock a bespoke set of emotes when they subscribe to that particular broadcaster. And broadcasters earn the ability to have a greater number of their own emotes by racking up more subscribers. Learn more about live streaming at: www. Holly is not only A top streamer but THE top streamer on MeetMe in many ways from virtual gifts earned, number of viewers, contests won, and more. Last year, Holly, a self-proclaimed socially awkward loner, hopped on MeetMe to make friends and discovered live streaming.

Stream Wars

MeetMe began its ascent from surprisingly humble origins. In , a and year-old pair of siblings, Catherine and David Cook, got the idea to trade in the traditional paper yearbook for a 21st-century digital version. Not too shabby for a site founded by high schoolers. What differentiated myYearbook from other social networking sites was that it specialized in helping users meet new people, rather than taking the Facebook approach of connecting friends who already know each other. The added perk of social flash games also gave myYearbook a popularity boost.

Broadcasts in Live will be moderated through a combination of algorithmic analysis and manual review. After the initial rollout is complete, MeetMe intends to launch new freemium products within the video streams to help monetize the broadcast-viewing experience and encourage its broadcasters to produce high-quality content.

In less than two years, The Meet Group managed to diversify its revenue from a near total dependence on programmatic advertising to a healthy mix of ads, in-app purchases and subscriptions. The Meet Group quickly rounded out its live video offering with one-on-one video chats and a feature, released in December , that lets two people live stream timed competitions, like dance battles or rap duels. AdExchanger chatted with Cook. CPMs were down. We saw some improvement every quarter of , but was a tough year for programmatic.

Meet the millennials who are making a living from livestreaming

Hangouts Meet is now Google Meet. Advanced Google Meet video conferencing features—such as larger meetings up to participants , live streaming, and recording—are free for all G Suite customers through September 30, Learn more. If you use Google Meet and Google Calendar for work or school, you can add view-only live streaming to an event for up to , people. Only guests in your organization can view a live stream. All participants in your organization can stop and start the stream during the meeting, and record the event. To invite specific people to the view-only live stream, create a view-only event. The event is added to their Calendar and includes the link for view-only guests. You can add up to , view-only guests. Tip: The meeting link changes when you add or remove live streaming.

MeetMe Launches ‘Streamer Levels’ For Quality Performers

I try to change my device and i try to change my internet network still having the same issues. I have had this problem from time to time as well. Usually what fixes it for me is to restart the app. To do that on an iPhone, double click your home button, find the Canary App, then swap up to quit it. After that try starting the app up again and see if that works.

W ould you livestream every aspect of your life?

MeetMe helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now! So what are you waiting for? Download the best app for finding new friends to chat with! And it's easy to chat with people.


These brands share similar high-tech social networking features and cater to audiences around the world. What started with MeetMe in has now grown into a network of over 4 million active users. Because The Meet Group team runs several large dating apps, it can be hard for individual team members to understand the impact their day-to-day work can have. Then one afternoon, a team member pulled up a video posted by a user who wanted to thank the team in a more personal way.

Levels is an extra step towards gamifying engagement in live video by tracking the amount of viewers a streamer has in their audience. Points will be awarded, encouraging them to perform more regularly and create more engaging content. Each rank unlocks new rewards and benefits for the performer, such as special animations or virtual face and background filters. We believe the feature will entice streamers to stream more often and engage their audiences even more than they do today. We expect to launch a similar progression system for viewers in the coming months. Tiered VIP badges are also due to be released, which will offer better rewards and more incentives for top gifters.

Download MeetMe App on PC with NoxPlayer

Need some live streaming tips to help you improve your skills? Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. MeetMe Streaming Tips and Tricks. MeetMe

In they went through a major rebrand and launched live video streams which has become their most popular feature ever (and even helps the popular.

Sign up Log in. Stream Wars. By The Meet Group. Stream Wars features interviews with top streamers who share their tips and tricks for hosting a popular stream, what motivates them to stream, and how live streaming has impacted their lives.

Live stream a video meeting

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