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Did you hear the one about the guy who lived in the land of Uz, who was perfect and upright and feared God? His name was Job. What does God want from us? What should we expect from him?

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Film Review: “A Serious Man” Has Serious Thoughts

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We learn from the Book of Job: Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. Such a man is Larry Gopnik. He lectures on physics in front of a blackboard filled with bewildering equations that are mathematical proofs approaching certainty, and in his own life, what can be sure of? Nothing, that's what. His wife is leaving him for his best friend.

His son is listening to rock 'n' roll in Hebrew school. His daughter is stealing money for a nose job. His brother-in-law is sleeping on the sofa and lurking in unsavory bars. His gun-nut neighbor frightens him.

A student tries to bribe him and blackmail him at the same time. The tenure committee is getting unsigned libelous letters about him. The wife of his other neighbor is sex-crazy. God forbid this man should see a doctor. I cannot improve on that. After the seriously great " No Country for Old Men ," the Coen brothers have made the not greatly serious "A Serious Man," which bears every mark of a labor of love.

It is set in what I assume to be a Minneapolis suburb of their childhood, a prairie populated by split-level homes with big garages but not enough trees around them.

In this world, Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbarg earnestly desires to be taken as a serious man and do the right thing, but does God take him seriously?

Beginning with a darkly comic prologue in Yiddish, "A Serious Man" inhabits a Jewish community where the rational physics is rendered irrelevant by the mystical fate. Gopnik can fill all the blackboards he wants, and it won't do him any good. Maybe because an ancestor invited a dybbuk to cross his threshold, Larry is cursed. A dybbuk is the wandering soul of a dead person.

You don't want to make the mistake of inviting one into your home. You don't have to be Jewish to figure that out.

He doesn't play Gopnik as a sad-sack or a loser, a whiner or a depressive, but as a hopeful man who can't believe what's happening to him. What else can go wrong? Where can he find happiness? Who can he please? In the sex department, why are even his wet dreams, starring his brazen neighbor Amy Landecker , frightening?

Why does Sy Ableman Fred Melamed , his so-called best friend who is taking away his wife, speak to him in terms of such sadness, sympathy and understanding? Does Fred know Larry is doomed? Why do his children dismiss him? Why is his no-account brother-in-law Richard Kind such a shiftless leech? Why can no rabbi provide him with encouragement or useful advice? Why would a student David Kang clearly fail an exam, leave bribe money on his desk and then act to destroy him?

Why, why, why? I'm sure you've heard the old joke where Job asks the Lord why everything in his life is going wrong. Remember what the Lord replies? If you don't remember the joke, ask anyone. I can't prove it but I'm absolutely certain more than half of everyone on Earth has heard some version of that joke. Have I mentioned "A Serious Man" is so rich and funny? This isn't a laugh-laugh movie, but a wince-wince movie. Those can be funny, too. The Coens have found mostly unfamiliar actors, or those like Stuhlbarg, Kind and Melamed you've seen before, but you're not quite sure where.

I imagine but do not know that Joel and Ethan have been kicking this story around for years, passing time by reminding each other of possible characters, seeing an actor and observing, "There's our Mrs.

In some ways my favorite is Melamed as Sy Ableman. It's not a big role but he's so good, he establishes a full presence in his first scene, when he's only a voice on the telephone. This is the traitor who has stolen away Gopnik's wife, and he believes it will be good if they have a long, helpful talk. Ableman is not only the grief, but the grief counselor.

Such chutzpah, you have to admire. Amy Landecker, too, is perfect as Mrs. She makes the character sexy in a strictly logical sense, but any prudent man would know on first sight to stay clear.

Judith Gopnik, as Larry's wife, is able to suggest in only a few scenes that she's leaving him not for passion or out of anger, but because she senses his ship going down and Sy Ableman is a lifeboat.

There is a story told in "A Serious Man" that may seem out of place. I believe it acts as a parable reflecting the film, Gopnik's life, and indeed the Book of Job.

It's the one about the Jewish dentist who discovers the words "help me" naturally occurring in Hebrew on the back of a gentile's lower front teeth. Remember that many parables contain their message in their last lines. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from until his death in In , he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

Rated R for language, some sexuality and nudity and brief violence. Michael Stuhlbarg as Larry. Adam Arkin as Divorce lawyer. Fred Melamed as Sy. Richard Kind as Uncle Arthur. Sari Lennick as Judith. Fyvush Finkel as Dybbuk. Reviews Coens retell Book of Job in a quiet Minneapolis suburb.

Roger Ebert October 07, His best friend Sy Ableman has just stolen Larry Gopnik's wife, and now he comforts him on his loss. Now playing. How to Fix a Drug Scandal. The Quarry. Selah and the Spades. The Lost Husband. The Willoughbys.

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Calls to God: Always a Busy Signal

I know of at least two Jews who were harmed—Ethan and Joel Coen. The movie is a deadpan farce with a schlemiel Job as a hero—Professor Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbarg , a physicist at a local university, whose life, in , is falling apart. The Coens begin mysteriously, with what feels like a Yiddish folktale. Long ago, in a shtetl somewhere in Eastern Europe, an elderly man, supposedly dead, wanders into the house of a married couple. One model for the tale is obvious: acting on his wager with Satan, God drives Job to despair.

But what that view actually encompasses remains a brilliant mystery, writes Ed Power. E very Coen brothers movie is a mystery of one kind or another.

As Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbarg spends the film looking for answers, we are shown that God is not accountable to us for our personal misfortunes, but as the final scene demonstrates, we are still accountable to God. To understand A Serious Man , or at least to embrace its paradoxes, we must first look to its opening scenes, which force us into a paradox within a paradox. Dora tells Velvel that Groshkover died three years ago, and that Velvel was interacting with a dybbuk, an evil spirit. Velvel thinks his wife is being silly, but when Groshkover comes over, she stabs the man she believes to a dybbuk. At first, the wound is bloodless and then it starts to bleed.

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The landing page for the whole series is here. I still rank it mid-pack, but I found it significantly more enjoyable than I had on prior viewings. In particular, the endless tribulations visited upon its protagonist, Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbarg , came across as more comical and less cruel than previously. There are a few great sequences involving a comely neighbor, Mrs. Samsky Amy Landecker , with a penchant for pot and sunbathing nude. And The Mentaculus seems like a plot element that, if anything, could have sustained greater mileage. We have not one but two sudden deaths, the second of which is an entirely extraneous and not particularly funny gag. For any interested, my original review is here. Some point to Fargo which seems odd, given the presence of Marge Gunderson and some to No Country less odd, perhaps, but still we have Sheriff Ed Tom Bell to contend with. By contrast, Barton Fink and Larry Gopnik appear to be doomed not by what they do, but by who they are.

Biblical Adversity in a ’60s Suburb

Samara Weaving , who stars in Ryan Murphy 's new Netflix series, " Hollywood ," had a very unusual audition experience. Watch the video. A renowned New York playwright is enticed to California to write for the movies and discovers the hellish truth of Hollywood. A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of A disk containing mysterious information from a CIA agent ends up in the hands of two unscrupulous and daft gym employees who attempt to sell it.

A Serious Man is a black comedy-drama film [2] written, produced, edited and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.

A prologue is set in a 19th-century Polish shtetl, where a neo-Hasidic folk tale plays out entirely in Yiddish. His brother is a morose layabout, his son is a scheming pothead, his daughter has annexed the bathroom, his wife has dumped him for an unctuous windbag, a student is trying to bribe him for a grade, and a poison-pen letter writer threatens to ruin his chances for tenure. Struggling to make sense of the shambles of his life, Gopnik seeks spiritual guidance from three rabbis to become a person of substance, a serious man. I mean, probably.

“What’s Going On?’

His brother Richard Kind has moved into his house and shows no signs of getting a job, his son Aaron Wolff only speaks to him when he needs the TV antenna fixed, and his daughter Jessica McManus is at the teenage stage where she communicates exclusively in shrieks and huffs. The Coens begin their film with a litmus test of sorts for the audience with a brief scene that is thematically but not structurally related to the rest of the film. Hundreds of years ago in a small Jewish village, a man and wife are entertaining an old man. The wife, being devoutly religious, begins to suspect that the man is a ghoul, back from the dead to terrorize and possibly harm her family.

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We learn from the Book of Job: Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. Such a man is Larry Gopnik. He lectures on physics in front of a blackboard filled with bewildering equations that are mathematical proofs approaching certainty, and in his own life, what can be sure of? Nothing, that's what. His wife is leaving him for his best friend.

A Serious Man

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Oct 2, - A Serious Man is the Coen Brothers latest (and most specifically Jewish) whether the punchline "will make you laugh or want to kill yourself.".

- Он подал едва заметный знак, и ворота распахнулись. Проехав еще полмили, Сьюзан подверглась той же процедуре перед столь же внушительной оградой, по которой был пропущен электрический ток. Давайте же, ребята… уже миллион раз вы меня проверяли.

The Ending of ‘A Serious Man’ and the Crucible of American Judaism

Два человека…. И вот Халохот уже за спиной жертвы. Как танцор, повторяющий отточенные движения, он взял чуть вправо, положил руку на плечо человеку в пиджаке цвета хаки, прицелился и… выстрелил.

Раздались два приглушенных хлопка.

Gods And Victims

Танкадо мог посылать фиктивные сообщения на неиспользованный адрес в надежде, что мы его обнаружим и решим, что он обеспечил себе защиту. В таком случае ему не нужно будет передавать пароль кому-то. Возможно, он работал в одиночку.

Из почты Танкадо Сьюзан знала также, что цепные мутации, обнаруженные Чатрукьяном, безвредны: они являются элементом Цифровой крепости.

Но Сьюзан трудно было представить себе, что где-то - например, на клочке бумаги, лежащем в кармане Танкадо, - записан ключ из шестидесяти четырех знаков, который навсегда положит конец сбору разведывательной информации в Соединенных Штатах.

Ей стало плохо, когда она представила себе подобное развитие событий. Танкадо передает ключ победителю аукциона, и получившая его компания вскрывает Цифровую крепость. Затем она, наверное, вмонтирует алгоритм в защищенный чип, и через пять лет все компьютеры будут выпускаться с предустановленным чипом Цифровой крепости. Никакой коммерческий производитель и мечтать не мог о создании шифровального чипа, потому что нормальные алгоритмы такого рода со временем устаревают.

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Он использовал подход, который никому из нас не приходил в голову. - А зачем это нам? - спросила Сьюзан.  - В этом нет никакого смысла. Стратмор встал и начал расхаживать по кабинету, не спуская при этом глаз с двери.

- Несколько недель назад, когда я прослышал о том, что Танкадо предложил выставить Цифровую крепость на аукцион, я вынужден был признать, что он настроен весьма серьезно.

Coens retell Book of Job in a quiet Minneapolis suburb

Для расшифровки Беккеру нужно было всего лишь подставить вместо имеющихся букв те, что следовали непосредственно за ними: А превращалось в В, В - в С и так далее. Беккер быстро проделал это со всеми буквами. Он никогда не думал, что четыре слова могут сделать его таким счастливым: IM GLAD WE MET Что означало: Я рада, что мы встретились.

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