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Thinkpieces are in-depth papers — committed, analytical, comprehensive — on corporate leadership. Boeing had a reputation as a rock-solid engineering firm that makes first-rate aircraft in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, USA. That did eventually happen. In Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas, an aircraft maker strong in the defense sector.

What happened next is best described as inverse culture change: the smaller partner, McDonnell Douglas, dominated the corporate culture of the larger partner, Boeing. Later in , Harry Stonecipher the former CEO of McDonnell Douglas and then CEO of Boeing, described that radical transformation as follows: "When people say I changed the culture of Boeing, that was the intent, so it's run like a business rather than a great engineering firm.

A year before the first crash of a Boeing MAX in Indonesia, Boeing was among the most admired companies and easily the most valuable industrial business in the USA 2. After two MAX crashes, that is no longer true. The highly praised two-decade transformation of Boeing has caused serious damage to the corporation. This thinkpiece names and characterizes the CEOs of Boeing over the past 20 years; the men who are responsible for its decline. It describes their managerist attitudes and methods, and in conclusion, summarizes the behavior of Boeing's CEOs and management from a present-day standpoint.

An aircraft enthusiast and aeronautical engineer by training, Condit was one of seven Boeing CEOs whose role left sufficient time to study for a one-year MBA degree. During his career at Boeing he switched from engineering to marketing and then sales. He was the first Boeing CEO to adopt a strategy focused on business growth, which included purchasing Rockwell, mainly active in the defense sector, and later merging with McDonnell Douglas.

The purpose of these acquisitions, Condit said, was to counter-balance the cyclical nature of the civil-aircraft industry. Condit was also managerially responsible for the design of the Boeing Dreamliner and introduced a globalized supplier structure. However, early on the Dreamliner suffered production and safety problems caused by technical faults and under-qualified key suppliers. The first production aircraft was repeatedly delayed and was eventually delivered three years late.

As a result, the forecasted break-even point was postponed into the future. Condit moved Boeing's corporate headquarters to Chicago, which put a physical and psychological distance between the corporate leadership and the manufacturing sites and operational workforce in Washington state.

Due to the nature of their dealings with certain procurement officials at the US Department of Defense, two of Condit's direct subordinates were sent to prison for a military contract scandal, after which Condit resigned. Stonecipher began his career at General Motors, worked for many years at General Electric 3 , was CEO of another major supplier to the aircraft sector, and was appointed head of McDonnell Douglas in Due to his showman style of video press conferences, he became a public figure.

Afterward, as the COO of Boeing, he negotiated with the US Defense Department to have an ethics-related ban lifted, so that Boeing could again bid for contracts worth billions of dollars. During his CEO tenure Boeing continued to have problems with the Dreamliner before it eventually entered operational service.

After less than two years as CEO, Stonecipher was fired for breaking the behavior code for managers. Boeing was unprepared for his sudden departure. Lew Platt was Chairman of Boeing from until his untimely death in With his judicious manner and demands for the highest standard of integrity, Platt was widely accepted across Boeing and highly regarded by the US business management community. It was Platt's rule of "zero tolerance on breaches of ethics" that resulted in the immediate dismissal of Stonecipher.

He was a typical GE executive, with a remote yet competitive manner and a financial controlling manager approach. During his nineteen years at GE, McNerney switched functions on average every two-and-a-half years, before heading their Aircraft Engine Division.

McNerney then left GE to join 3M — a firm with multiple products and a smaller and different type of organization than GE. McNerney made a name for himself as a shareholder-value oriented CEO, who distanced himself from the traditional innovative culture of 3M. His management mantra was: "Driving costs down in order to drive margins up". He left 3M without making a positive long-term impact. That included outsourcing large parts of production to the non-trade union states of South Carolina and Alabama, continuous conflict with employee representatives, arrogant language "they will still be cowering", freezing and terminating Boeing company pensions, putting intense pressure on the state of Washington to forego tax revenues, openly hostile to suppliers and forcing them to cut their prices up to 15 per cent, extreme rivalry with Airbus, and repeated references to the threat of China.

McNerney's most far-reaching decision was to upgrade the model, now called MAX, instead of designing a completely new successor aircraft. This was a reaction to the competing Airbus Aneo. In the opinion of Boeing employees and Boeing watchers, McNerney was the 'last nail in the coffin' of the firm's traditional corporate culture with its family-enterprise ethos.

He saw himself as a visionary and strategist who could, "Chart the course: What should the next years look like. During , Boeing fast became a corporate benchmark for aerospace profitability, and seemed to have a glorious future in the aircraft industry that anticipated a continuing upswing. Until the two MAX fatal accidents, Muilenburg was believed an effective manager. He was from the right socio-economic background and accepted by the executive manager cabal.

However, after the two fatal accidents, his conciliatory maneuvering and rash promise of a quick-fix for the MCAS 6 , ignorant comments, and behavior that sharply contrasted with his self-proclaimed motto, "React quickly.

Events can change everything. So must you. Although a professional aircraft engineer, he was not alone to blame for Boeing ignoring elementary design principles and safety rules: such as insufficient sensor redundancy, pilots unable to simply and quickly switch-off the autopilot, and willful avoidance of necessary simulator training.

During his dismissal and despite the biggest-ever crisis at Boeing, he was praised for his good service to the company. He declined some severance payments he was owed as a gesture to the relatives of those killed in the two crashes. Armed with a university degree in accounting, Calhoun began his career at GE where he moved between several divisions including Aircraft Engines.

His next position was CEO of the newly merged information company Nielsen Holdings which, with finance and support from Blackstone, was soon floated on the stock exchange. After that, he networked to Blackstone, the world's largest alternative investments firm private equity, hedge funds , where he was appointed Senior Managing Director.

At that time, the most urgent and important task for Boeing, with of the MAX grounded, was to get them airworthy and flying again.

He first attempted to re-establish good relations with the FAA, the US civil aviation regulatory authority. The biggest long-term challenge facing Boeing is to re-create trust in the company and solve the numerous claims for liability and damages made by customers and suppliers.

Since its fusion with McDonnel Douglas about 20 years ago, the CEOs of Boeing implemented practices as described in Part 1 that also characterize a managerist corporation. The first to benefit from these improper practices were the executive managers. Top executives ensured they pocketed a large share of the bigger profits by creating and approving a complex and murky executive compensation scheme. Boeing developed a compensation plan for top executives with the base salary less than 10 per cent of the gross salary.

In fact, top managers, followed by the rest of the workforce, no longer say "that is not the right way for us to behave". They simply compare the advantages and disadvantages: if the risk of getting caught is less than the anticipated profit, they will take the risk, just like any common thief.

This amoral approach is not unusual in corporations that focus on shareholder value. A sure sign of managerism is when corporate headquarters are moved to major cities, far away from the operating facilities where the real value is created, and managers focus on financial strategies. These physical moves are justified by falsely claiming that closeness to financial markets and stock exchanges is essential, because of the pool of 'smart' people and potential financial deals.

A closeness to manufacturing plants, and the operating staff who are the day-to-day 'value creators', is considered irrelevant. By , GE was no longer the benchmark for highly effective and honorable corporate management. During the Financial Crisis, GE — supposedly the best-managed conglomerate in the world — had become a lethal risk. GE did initially recover and by was again considered a systemically important financial institution SIFI.

But that recovery was short-lived and by GE's market capitalization was only one-fifth of its value in In fact, GE Aviation is still the world-biggest maker of aircraft engines.

The relationship between GE and Boeing is traditionally close. For one reason, GE is the biggest supplier of jet engines to Boeing. It is fair to say that, because of the number of former GE top managers at Boeing, it almost turned into a division of GE.

That a corporate culture, a hierarchical leadership, can shape people is an observable fact. GE is a corporation with a strong identity, and that was shaped by the long-serving and dominant Jack Welch less by his successor Jeffrey Immelt , with preference handed to a certain type of manager: ambitious, aggressively competitive and hard-nosed, with a MBA to certify managerial competence.

A GE Man, as described above, is the epitome of the US professional general manager, who believes himself able and trained to lead any kind of business corporation. At GE the General Manager was the standard role model. Breadth was more important than depth. This is demonstrated by the curricula vitae of those who aimed for the top at GE.

McNerney was the best or worst example of a GE Man. The only positive managerial result was at Honeywell. Boeing is just one example. Welch was highly praised, even sanctified, by his peers and the management media, and subsequently copied by others, but time-and-time again they have been proved wrong. The above-said is a litany of what managers should not do when they are responsible for a business corporation.

Today's short-term CEOs should hand over the corporation to their successor stronger than before, not weaker and needing a 'turn-around'. Although it seemed like Boeing was on the right path, it had grown too fast and was unsustainable — just like GE was.

Hastening or forcing growth of a business enterprise leads to weakness not strength. Corporations must not only focus on shareholders. Every business enterprise also has an obligation — moral, political and social — to all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and the community or country in which they operate.

A business enterprise should be a good citizen. In the case of Boeing, the safe transportation of people and goods should have been its first objective, and not quarterly profits or a higher share price. Manager incentivization linked to shareholder value induces managers to prioritize the non-sustainable goals of short-term maximum profits and share-price related bonuses. Change must come with bonuses paid only for long-term results, because that will instill mangers with an intrinsic motivation to achieve lasting goals.

The decline of Boeing is linked to the introduction of incentivized remuneration for top managers and the dividing apart of a productive community. These managerist CEOs who claim to be leading by example are like those managers who advocate cultural change for all. They 'preach water but drink wine'.

Businesses are sustained by the value they create and the employees who directly create that value. Observation shows that businesses that appreciate these value-creating employees perform better over the medium to long-term.

„Deloitte ist hip“

Thinkpieces are in-depth papers — committed, analytical, comprehensive — on corporate leadership. Boeing had a reputation as a rock-solid engineering firm that makes first-rate aircraft in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, USA. That did eventually happen. In Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas, an aircraft maker strong in the defense sector. What happened next is best described as inverse culture change: the smaller partner, McDonnell Douglas, dominated the corporate culture of the larger partner, Boeing.

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UNICEPTA was founded in and has been steadily rising as a leader and innovator in media intelligence, first in the German and central European marketplace, and now globally. We have seen the sector evolve to incorporate digital media and deploy new technologies to automate and analyze media and information to support our advisors in providing guidance to our clients. Smart insights. Strong performance.

System Engineer Microsoft Technologies

You are an experienced System Engineer within a Microsoft technologies environment, possibly project management skills and ready for the next career step? KPMG is known for providing clear and consistent solutions in the areas of auditing and advisory services. The broad palette of services across many subject matters and industries allows the provision of multidisciplinary services from a single source for our clients on the one hand and diverse careers and development options for our employees on the other hand. Our dealings are fair and frank and we strive to always look at the results of our work through the eyes of our clients. At KPMG, we are aware that if we add value for our clients, we also do the same for ourselves. To apply for this vacancy, please provide your cover letter, CV and all relevant certificates. We look forward to receiving your application. Coronavirus: Deine Gesundheit liegt uns am Herzen. Bitte achte auf das richtige Verhalten und folge den Empfehlungen des Bundes.

Boeing – Bad Managers And GE-Style Culture (Part 2)

He still lives there with his young wife and small daughter, but despite this fact he has managed to escape poverty.. Perhaps because he has a particularly strong survival instinct, or maybe because even as a small boy he knew that the 'easy money ' offered by crime could cost him his life.. Perhaps because he has a particularly strong survival instinct, or maybe because even as a small boy he knew that the ' easy money ' offered by crime could cost him his life.. What gender stereotypes do we encounter — will they change through the emergence of new images, new aesthetics, more money for and in women s football?. Most of the money released through national demilitarisation should be used by the member states to meet other obligations arising from the fundamental UN reform passed by the General Assembly in

Gehalt als Steuerberater. Diese Jobs werden Richtlinie zum Insiderhandel.

Stilstaan is geen optie in onze volatiele wereld. Ambitieuze ondernemingen bouwen energiek aan de toekomst. Wij voorzien ze van pragmatische, hanteerbare oplossingen.

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Professor Dr. Die haben sich die Big 4 im Laufe der Jahrzehnte aufgebaut. In Deutschland war das nicht anders.

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Boeing – Bad Managers And GE-Style Culture (Part 2)

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The contrast to Peter Drucker, the man who turned management into a serious stößt man seit weniger als einem Jahr auf diese Schlagzeilen: McKinsey, KPMG accused of Um auf dieses Spitzenniveau zu kommen, muss ein Partner/Principal in der (27) Die enge Verbindung von McKinsey zur Post AG verdient eine.

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К несчастью для того, кто это придумал, коммандер Стратмор не нашел в этой выходке ничего забавного. Два часа спустя был издан ставший знаковым приказ: СОТРУДНИК КАРЛ ОСТИН УВОЛЕН ЗА НЕДОСТОЙНЫЙ ПОСТУПОК С этого дня никто больше не доставлял ей неприятностей; всем стало ясно, что Сьюзан Флетчер - любимица коммандера Стратмора.

Но не только молодые криптографы научились уважать Стратмора; еще в начале своей карьеры он был замечен начальством как человек, разработавший целый ряд неортодоксальных и в высшей степени успешных разведывательных операций.

Продвигаясь по служебной лестнице, Тревор Стратмор прославился умением сжато и одновременно глубоко анализировать сложнейшие ситуации. Он обладал почти сверхъестественной способностью преодолевать моральные затруднения, с которыми нередко бывают связаны сложные решения агентства, и действовать без угрызений совести в интересах всеобщего блага. Ни у кого не вызывало сомнений, что Стратмор любит свою страну.

Колокола звонили где-то совсем рядом, очень громко. Беккер чувствовал жжение в боку, но кровотечение прекратилось. Он старался двигаться быстрее, знал, что где-то позади идет человек с пистолетом.

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